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Triumph TR6 - Emission System... use it or lose it?

This will make 5 threads... sorry guys but I'm into this TR6 up to my greasy elbows and making hay with good weather having arrived.

To minimize performance problems before I left Vancouver for Ontario a mechanic suggested I pull all of the emission control hoses off, cap the carb entry points, and remove the charcoal canister. I have seen it all in place on other cars but am hesitant to put it all back. Ontario does not require a clean air test on old cars since they are driven so infrequently but there too is the spirit of the matter.

What have y'all done. Pulled it and packed it away or fastidiously installed and made it functional? Can you free my guilty conscience?

Ken Shaddock

Hello Ken,

I do not kow your TR6 year, but according to my '75 set-up here is what I see. First there was a lot os spaghetti for vacuum inoperative few days after the car left dealer. Here I exagerate a bit. But there was this modulator working with coolant temp which was an advance trouble maker.
Secondly this EGR which is certainly stuck with carbon on your car. No problem to remove that.
The canister was the only thing a bit useful with mission to avoid gas vapor to be release in atmosphere. But to work well canister must be new and escape valve operated by oil pressure must be operative without any leak from tubing.
In fact all those gizmo were there on TR6 to comply with US fed. regulation in those days at the time of the sale.

Remember that a TR6 was in an era with leaded gas, which vanished from Canada long ago.

Feeling guilty is a matter of perception as our cars are not driven so much and to my opinion: poorly adjusted carb. and defective engine are a lot worse.
In fact carb. are less clean than modern computerized EFI no matter what you could do.

But when I saw those modern 2-3 tons SUV on highway I feel a lot more innocent in pollution with my small TR6.


Jean G.
J. G. Catford

You can clean and reuse the activated charcoal in the canister. It unscrews from the bottom and you can disassemble, keeping a record for reassembly, 'cause it ain't in any book of which I know. Wash the petrol contamination out of the charcoal. Dry it (not in your wife's kitchen oven) and reinstall all components. I painted the washers, springs mesh screen etc before reassembly. Make sure the parts go back in order and be careful with the gauze screen and viola, you have a refurbished petrol vapor canister. You may find that all the charcoal does not go back in. Just shake it down good and get as much as you can back into the canister. Good luck!!

BTW, if anyone is REALLY hurting for one, I have an extra cannister and a 72-76 mounting bracket with the anti-runon valve.
Doug Baker


You guys are really something. Thank you... another project on the list.

Wire brushed, media blasted and painted all parts of the overriders so they may go back on this week and, I have the horns in for re-work and Rick's suggested Moss sound deadening / heat shield material on order. New angle drive for speedo/odo goes on tomorrow if I can get the car up in the air a bit. Man this is great. If only I could get my meals served to the garage where I may have to sleep soon.

Ken Shaddock

This thread was discussed between 30/05/2009 and 03/06/2009

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