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Triumph TR6 - eng mount

i'm about to start an eng.rebuild/un lead conversion,on tr6.any advice on where to pick up mounting for eng stand.the rear seems a bit fragile with the overhang using the 5/16"threads in the block,and the eng mount on the side looks a bit unstable/off centre.

I am starting to rebuild my engine and like you I think that the 5/16" threads look a bit 'weak' to me. I have mounted mine in the engine stand by these beacuase it makes it easy to handle the assembly, but I will also brace the other end. It should be possible to build the complete engine mounted with these locations as the following link should testify:


I gotta agree, with the engine on the stand it does look "iffy". I think the back of the engine is the only place you are going to be able to attach an engine stand to. I supported the front of the engine while I took the head off. With the head off, it does not look as "iffy" on the engine stand. I do not think I would have the engine on a stand un-supported at front (held on at the back of the engine)with the intake/exhaust,carbs, and head on.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Hi Kev I had my engine out and on a stand for several months from Oct 2004 till Mar 2005 it was bolted on just like the pictures on this thread. It was complete except intake and exhaust manifolds because I lifted the body of first but they dont weigh alot anyway. I was nervous when I first bolted it on but it stayed there all winter and I rebuilt on the stand as well Hope you enjoy your project my complete restoration is getting closer to complete I'll look for other questions from you. P.S. Nice to see you on the BBS Rick Regards John
John O'Meara

This thread was discussed between 04/04/2006 and 05/04/2006

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