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Triumph TR6 - Engine Additives

Re: additives, I was watching speed channel (two guys garage) and they came on and discussed these additives..

they were sceptical at first but actually tested oil temps etc and found these addtives made a difference, especially in lowering oil temp but also in gaining a tad mode HP and mileage.

Any other opinions out there (i am sure they were sceptical but also paid to who's the pessimist!)

also curious if anyone has tried the Royal Purple Synthetic Oil?

Bob Craske

Hello Bob,

Have a look on the archives you must find something there. I remember a topic also nae: Snake oil, that have discussed the hoax of additives.



P.S. I made a search with Google , words: snake oil additives

and many results like:

the article:
J. G. Catford

After my engine re-build, I asked the question on additives. He said do not waste your money. Change the oil and filter. I have a supply of Red Line oil additive but will reduce the amount I add. I will stop using the fuel additive. I will continue to add lead additive to fuel but this is even controversial.
Synthetic oil has value and is proven to be beneficial. I am not sure that we need it though since we usually put on few miles per year and do not drive them in cold weather (no cold starts).
The snake oil article I believe is on the came from the old Zimmerman site.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

This thread was discussed between 20/01/2006 and 23/01/2006

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