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Triumph TR6 - engine bearings?

Hi Guys, I'm planning to replace the mains and big end bearings at my next oil change. Form what I've read on this forum the Vandevell tri-metal are the preferred choice? Seems they're getting a little hard to source these days...the King Brand are being offered as an alternative. Should I settle for the Kings or try harder to find the Vandervells?
john fullwood

Hi John

I went with the tri-metal type from The Roadster Factory when I rebuilt my engine a few years ago. Not enough miles on it yet to really comment on how they hold up. They came in a white box btu I seem to remember that I called TRF and they said they were King brand, with County making a cheaper alternative. The difference between the tri-metal (supposedly the same composition as the Vandervell bearings) and bi-metal was maybe $20 so no big decision there. I did track down Vandervell bearings from a chap in California, but he wanted a ridiculous amount for them (I don't recall exactly, but between 5 and 10 times the cost of the King bearings). For the sort of use my car gets (mainly driving my daughter to and from an ice cream shop...) it made no sense to spend the extra there.

I also have a Stag which is very slowly moving towards being mentioned in divorce papers and I tracked down original Vandervell bearings (in a BL box) for that, but when they arrived (shipped at great expense from England) they had a strange residue coverig them, so I bought the white box special tri-metal bearings instead. They are currently enjoying their third winter in a plastic box under a workbench, so can't comment on their quality, but worth noting that the original bearings may have suffered some deterioration over the years.

A Hewitt

From BPNW on their tri metal ones

This is a Heavy Duty Tri-Metal Connecting Rod Bearing Set for a Triumph TR250, TR6, GT6 MKII-on 1967-1973. These bearings are made from the same material as the Vandervell VP2 bearings, Cu 74.5%,Pb 21%,Sn 4.5% with an overlay of Pb 85%,Sn 12%,Cu 3% on Ni barrier. Please use pull down menu to choose bearing size.

Don Kelly

I just got some King Tri-Metals from Good Parts for my new block....unimpressed with their appearance. I'd be ashamed to let something like that go out of my plant. One had a large "score" on the bearing surface. R Good was nice enough to replace it.
JT White

Thanks guys for the advice...sounds like BPNW are the place to go for these.
john fullwood

If I am not mistaken the King brand ARE the current Vandevell tri-metal bearings and yes from BPNW and other suppliers. The bearings are actually made in Isreal.

When ordering, pay more and get tri-metal.

Rick Crawford

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