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Triumph TR6 - Engine died

Hello, started my 6 up yesterday after a long winter and spring.It started well,went for a drive,then it died. I thought it was the fuel pump as it would crank over but not fire up ? So I had to call CAA and have her flat bedded home.Today I thought well lets see if she will start up? My car started right up ,idled fine till I put her in gear,ran really rough and died. Would not start again, any sugestions?
ian white

Ian, opinion...sounds like fuel. Did you top off the tank when last driven or use fuel stabilizer? If not refuel and try again. Also check fuel filter. May be blocked fuel line. Then check vaccum lines for leaks. Also check carbs damper. You did not say what year, but if you have ZS carbs, the damper may not be operating correctly closing the metering needle and shutting of the fuel. OTOH, may be electrical, but sounds like fuel to me.
Doug Baker


Based on Barry's L Cayas and your problems it sounds like it is time to pray to the TR gods and sacrifice one chicken.

Did it start to run rough when you put it in gear and began to press the accelerator and let the clutch out? I would agree with Doug- check the carbs damper and diaphram.
Michael Petryschuk

I replaced my 2 year old Moss pump today. I HOPE THE NEW ONE LASTS LONGER
ian white

The reason your pump failed is there was a bad batch that was around and the new additives in gas.
Should have rebuilt it using these peoples kit . Saved you money as the new pump will fail sooner as the diaphragm will get chewed by the Ethanol.

Sounds like a familiar problem - I will stay tuned for additional enlightenment!

BJ Quartermaine


I had a problem with a Moss pump as well in 2008. Membrane failed. Car conked out.

Michael Petryschuk

is one chicken enough?
jw nolen

I think these pumps also have the tendency to fail when the pin that holds the drive lever backs out of the housing base and the lever quits levering. I'd say a turkey is more suitable than a chicken for this part...
Brent B


I have always had good fortune when I sacrifice 1 and only one chicken (on the BBQ with a few wobbly pops while I contemplate my TR6 problem) - wouldn't want to p*ss the TR6 gods off. Haven't tried a turkey but there is always a first time. :-)
Michael Petryschuk

Mike and Brent,

Turkeys are only for big problems like ones from the prince of darkness.

Rick Crawford

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