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Triumph TR6 - Engine mounts?

While cleaning up everything on my 70TR6, I thought while everything is off of the right side of the engine I should go ahead and replace the original engine mounts. My thought was to put a jack under the engine and raise just enough to alleve the pressure on the mounts (one at a time) and replace. Is this the right way to do it? I looked in the archives and didn't see anything.

Thanks, Bill
Bill Kinney

That is one way to do it. My own personal preference is to use an engine hoist and hang the engine from it while replacing the mounts. On to the subject of the mounts themselves. The mounts that have been out there in the market for the past few years have been rather cheesy. Adding insult to injury, I have even seen some that have metric threaded studs instead of the proper UNF/SAE threads, heresy I tell you. If you run headers, the problem is aggrevated due to the heat closer to the mount and the fact that there is so little clearance between the headers and the frame rail. Mount collapses, header hits frame rail and unless address very quickly, headers are cracked.

Roadster has addressed this problem and are offering better quality mounts than what you can get from the most of the other suppliers. In addition, they are also listing the high grade mounts from Neil Revington. Yes, the mounts from Roadster will cost you a little more, the Revington mounts about twice that of others. The other side of the coin is aking just how often you feel like changing mounts and for the header guys out there, pulling a remove & repair/replace from where it hit the frame rail.

Steve, thanks for the info and very timely. I have new headers to go with a dual monza exhaust. I just ordered the new mounts from Moss and I think I will replace them w/TRF mounts. Thanks again, certainly not looking for problems at this point!
Bill Kinney

This thread was discussed on 02/11/2004

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