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Triumph TR6 - Engine number?

Ok Chaps,
I've a UK spec 6 with a differance, during it's restoration in 93 the injection was ditched in favour of a US style carb set-up with single down pipe exhaust, very restrictive :-(

Question is, what differances will I find in other parts of the car? I have the feeling that it's a US spec / UK spec combo, so anything could happen:-) i.e. it's got a red rockercover, means late model emission calif type...yes? Here is the engine number (1973 engine) CR4574ME, old spits were suffixed HE for high compression, so what does 'M' stand for?

Alastair for Rover V8 stuff.

PS. Is there a good site on a tripple SU conversion?

Red rocker cover???, that is a new one for me, I'm thinkng it is a custom job, as far as I know the only different rocker cover was on the 1969 models when it was chrome. 1970 onwards it was painted silver.

Perhaps so on the TR models, yet by the late 70's spitfires were getting red rocker covers for the emission throttled types, so as not to get mix ups at the factory! However the UK spits always recieved the Triumph silver-grey types.


The "M" on your engine number might mean that its from a 73 Triumph saloon,not 100% certain though as I think the saloons ended in MG....No relation to you know who

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