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Triumph TR6 - Engine parts colours

I have a very clean 74 TR6 I bought last February and love it. I'm doing some detailed restoration under the bonnet and I am looking for a source that can tell me what the original colours of various engine parts should be. A section of my fuel line is painted light blue. Should it be all blue back to the fuel pump? My oil filler cap is currently painted silver to match the rocker cover. Is that correct? I also wanted to ask opinions on the advantages of headers, and if installing them is a "do-it-yourself" job. Thanks for your help.
Lorne Collins
Lorne Collins

Hi Lorne, Memories, memories, I think the oil filler cap was zinc dichromate plated like most other brackets, i.e. hood latch, wiper motor assy,alternator bracket, coil bracket, carburettor linkage etc. I think this is also true for entire metal fuel lines.
Good Luck with the detailing!
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B.R. Horne

Brian Horne should know...he is an original owner.
The gas line was not blue at all.

I think you will find that headers are not worth the effort for street use.

Yes, join this forum so you have access to the ARCHIVES. It seems a lot of info for TR6s is disappering on the WWW.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

This thread was discussed on 20/10/2004

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