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Triumph TR6 - engine pull help

what in god names is the propeler shaft? is that the drive shaft? and if so how does on get the 4 bolts off? ive tried everything and they dont budge. Man I hope im doing this right
SBF Fitzgerald

Which end?

i guess it would be in the middle. Im following what the bentley book says to do. Its where the driveshaft meets the tranny(right behind the shifter)
SBF Fitzgerald

There should be Nylocs on the bolts. Are you using a wrench on both sides?

I am. I think im gonna spray them and let them sit. hopefully it will loosen them up
SBF Fitzgerald

Try some heat on them. If they break no biggie. The nylocs will tear apart which is fine
My suggestion. new grade 8 bolts with metal lock nuts, not nylocs

don, have you pulled an engine this way? Ive only pulled a motor once, and that was without the tranny
SBF Fitzgerald

Pulled my first motor with the tranny still on it.

I think pulling the motor and tranny is the best way to go. Lining up the tranny and engine with the tranny in the car when you put it back together and then trying to put in all the bolts and tighten them is a pain in the derriere.

Keep working at the bolts. Heat may be needed.
Michael Petryschuk

A few TERSE words help too.

SBF, liberally apply aerokroil and let sit for a couple of days then use a BFW on both sides and a lot of elbow grease. They'll come loose unless they're corroded together, then only heat will solve the issue.
Doug Baker

awesome, thanks for the help. Cant wait o try after work. No one more question; What is the "Earth Strap"?
SBF Fitzgerald

Isn't that a ground strap on a transmission housing bolt?
Brent B

Brent right. ,Though anyone of them can be

Earth strap goes to the bell housing at the top right off of the battery terminal. But then all that stuff should already been done.

I agree, pull with tranny attached and reinstall with tranny attached. Eliminatesd big hassle in lining up the drive shaft. As you pull it out it helps to drop (lower) the tranny height. You wil just clear the front grill area.

Rick Crawford

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