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Triumph TR6 - Engine Smoke

I am in the middle of an engine puzzle.

A few weeks ago, my '72 TR6 starting blowing smoke out of the exhaust. Definitely oil!
I checked cyl. compression and every one would pump up to 180 pounds after about three revolutions.
So, I assumed that my valve guides must be bad. I have just finished replacing them. Some were bad, and some were within spec. After starting the engine, and after adjusting valves, I have more smoke than ever coming out of the exhaust. After removing the spark plug in # 6 cylinder, smoke starting coming out of the plug hole pretty heavy. All of the other plugs had fresh oil on them. I would suspect bad rings, but why would I have so much compression??
Thanks for any help..

Kip Ferguson

Kip First check that the crankcase and rocker cover breathers are clear, It sounds like you have crankcase pressure, If not do a leakdown test or get your local garage to do It as compression tests tell you nothing about any internal problems, the test is very simple but you do need a compressor
Clive P

Thanks for the response. I will try the leakdown test. I have a compressor.
Kip Ferguson

I Agree with Clive P. if you had no oil consumption previously look at crank presure, oil rings could be siezed (oil on cylinder walls can boost compresion)...also were the repairs to the cylinder head carried out correctly?


This thread was discussed on 16/04/2005

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