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Triumph TR6 - engine surging/missing

It started as hesitation/missing at lower reves on aceleration. I bothered me but was not a problem. Then last week it got worse. Then on the way home I was driving on a flat area and began to loose power. As I lost power I'd give it more gas. I was running pretty bad. I punched it and it ran OK, but when I came bach to cruise it was still losing power. I was about to send out an mayday. It was really looking bad and had to really slow down to make a turn. When I accelerated away from the corner it ran fine and ran fine for the next 8 miles home. I drove it to work the next day and though it ran OK it was not right. On the way home I thought to get a new set of plugs and changed them when I got home. By the plugs the front carb seems to be a little too lean so I richened it up a bit and toped up the dash pot. On the test run it ran great! But there still was a slight perception of uneven running at constant speed. I took it out on the same flat spot and it started to do the same thing but not as badly. I took my foot off the gas and let it coast. when I gave it the gas again the problem went away again. Tonight I am going to change the fuel pump. If that does not work then I'm going to install some Gross Jets on the carb floats. I need to get this ironed out because I want to take it on a 700 mile trip in a couple of weeks that will take me up to 6,000 feet and up to 100 degrees on cruising in the Eastern Oregon sagebrush. Always makes me feel like the RAF Huricane pilot in enemy teritory over North Africa.

OK, did not get to fuel pump last night. Drove it in this morning 14 miles. It starts fine, accelerates nicely, goes up long hills (200ft in 1/4mile) great but when I get to a flat spot and hold constant speed the engine starts missing or surging. No backfireing. I've talked myself out of the fuel pump because of the hill climb. The longer I hold a constant speed the worse it gets.

Try changing your fuel filter!
Doug Baker

Thought of that but that does not explain it not choking going up hills and passing. Only does it at constant speed, least fuel demand situation.

I just solved a similiar problem. After prolonged right turns (like exiting a highway) the car would sputter and act like it was running on one carb. Finally it died twice in one day and I could see that there was no fuel in the clear fuel filter, along with some rust/crud. I pulled the tank and after draining found a good handfull of rust and just plain crud in it. It must have been shifting to the left and blocking the tank fuel outlet. I cleaned the tank and fuel far so good. Can you tell if the fuel is flowing freely to the pump?

'74 CF13816U
JB Fetner

This thread was discussed on 31/08/2005

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