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Triumph TR6 - Engineering Drawings/specifications

Does anyone out there have a copy of an engineering drawing/specification of the frame?

lw gilholme

Hi Les,

The only thing I know is all the dimensions shown in the Bentley manual but no specs as for materail type, thickness and so on. Sorry but I you happen to find this info I would be very interested.

69 TR6
Marc Girardin

On the CD, Official shop manual. section 76.10.02 (pages 385-86).
As Marc has said, this is a dimensional drawing.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

I'm in similar situation. My frame is damaged to the point where I can't imagine do any proper repair without pulling off the body, which I plan to do.
I'm looking for the same frame info for my '65 4A(solid axle). It's a rare bird.Are these cars even identified in the "official" manuals? There is a link somewhere to the guy who fabricates TR6 frames, I believe in Long Island? He describes the design and manufacture of the frames by TR. Can anybody out there help?
Do I assume that the frame dimensions for my car are the same as for the 250/6 except for the leaf spring mounts at the rear and of course the engine mounts.
BTW has anyone ever seen drawings(factory or otherwise) of TR body panels.
(I've posted on the 6 site since this is where most of the action is).

Guys, the original Standard Triumph workshop manual has a drawing giving several datum points with measurements between them, usually with a tolerance range of 1/4 inch.

I would also suggest putting the frame on a flat surface, drawing a centreline, and ensuring diagonals cross on the centreline, and are of equal length.

I have recently put the newly painted body back on my frame and found that some of the captive nuts were slightly out of position with reference to the bolt holes in the body. A small amount of filing to oval the holes will be needed!

Next time stay away from the guard rails on the race track.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Here's the web site to the company making new TR frames. They have improved areas where the original frames have problems. Looks really nice and may mean a "parts car" can get back on the road. Would be nice to hear from someone who has used one.


JB Fetner

Thanks to all for the info.

Rick C thanks for the e-mail attachments. I note that there is no measurements to the referenced letters A.B.C.D......

Do you still have that rear end?

lw gilholme

Leslie- Check this out for you.

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