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Triumph TR6 - Enginw Oil

I have just had the oil changed in my 75 TR6 in preparation for storage and the mechanic used 10-30 oil.
Is this a problem?

Hi Alasdair

No problem if its stored comercial that I can see.
If your home storing and plan to start on a regular basis. I always used 5w-30 little easier for the pump to move around when cold. But even then the 10-30s OK.

Bill in Guelph
Bill Brayford

Thanks Bill.

I used 10W30 from 1990 to 1999 for summer driving as well as while it sat during winter storage. Since then when I switched to 20W50 for the summer and I leave it in all winterin my warm heated garage. I have never started my TR in the winter just to run it. I change the oil in the spring and start it then for the first time since I stored it.

Never had a problem in 14 years and I have driven "TRusty" more than 78,000 miles during that time.

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

I always change my oil just before I put it away..I figure I'd rather have clean oil in there over the winter than dirty stuff..I use 20w50
Charlie Ballard

Lest we forget as well Gentlemen and Geese:

If one starts one's automobile up in the winter to 'run it a bit' then one should, in fact, 'run it a bit' and allow it to come to temperature for a while.

When we shut down our engines they cool down. A byproduct of this cooldown is moisture condensing in the engine. This condensation will join the motor oil in the engine. If we only run the engine for a short while that condensation is never removed because we don't build any heat. This contaminates motor oil. It also allows condensation to collect in the low points of the exhaust system.

Always a good idea to run 'em a while methinks. Or don't run 'em at all. I just change my oil, fog the engine, and call it good. It's always seemed to work out fairly well.

Hope this helps,

Jim (well fogged hisveryownself)
Jim Deatsch

Why would anyone store their car for the winter?
Doesn't the heater work? I've just put the top up for the first time this year (since February)and it now looks as if I'll have to take it back down.
Joe Justice
Joe Justice

Joe; Joe; you live a sheltered life in North Carolina. Come up for a visit in January. Even the goose left town.


Doug Campbell

Based on the katzenjammer I had this morning, I was pretty well fogged last night watching the Jet game.

In the midst of a total interior redo, so probably won't even think of starting the 6 until Marchish (it's a word, right). Last run was an hour and a half about month and a half ago. I don't expect any problems with the exception of my wiring while refitting the dash.

Don from Jersey
D Hasara

What is this "winter" you yankees keep talking about? Do you mean the dry time of year when it doesn't rain much and the daytime temps rarely get above 80? Put the car away? When its perfect convertible weather? What is it with you people? Ahhh, South Florida, where it was a lovely 78 or so today and might go down to almost 60 tonight. John.
JL Bryan

Quick, someone take Joe and John out and shoot them.

Or, goose them.

78, BAH, BAH I say!

Jim (into the teens tonight)
Jim Deatsch

Naaa - Just spray them down with water and stick them to any car parked outside of Doug's place.

Brent (Balmy 40's ; that's F)
Brent B

Your soooooooooooooooooooooo lucky you warm was -6c today and it's going down to -11c tonight
(12F for you) and it hasn't got cold yet !
No top down driving for me !!
Charlie Ballard

Gentlemen, Katzenjammers, fogged and those to be fogged. Not a bad idea Brent.

Some of us North of the boarder may pull on the longjohns, touque and winter coveralls and work on the car stored in the garage at home. Which may include engine work? Starting may be required on and off? Not all have heated garages. Hence the oil suggestion. Coming out of the mist and fog yet Katzenjammers?

Historicaly I believe Canada beat the Yankee's then the Yankee's beat the Rebs. Something like that over the time line right? You might want to check out the pecking order as the goose would say there John/Joe.

Now I suggest all us Canada and Yankee types freezing our Butts off and taking jibes from the Reb's. Make like the goose and head south. Declare ourselves TR consultants demand high fee's plus fringe benefits. Canadian Beer EH. And the hockey channel. Then we move down and attach ourselves to someone like John for the winter. Dibs that puppies mine....:) Well I may share him with Jim since he's been helpfull and got the goose to him first.

Currently -12C Canada +10F in US. Hope that makes everyone happy. Still freaking cold for this area. Sorry Doug I know that's a warm day up there. When I finaly larned enough math to read a compass and thermometer in Northern Sask. I started heading south.

Bill Brayford

It was a frigid 69 degrees today at 7:00 on my way to work. I really, really hope it warms up a little today!

The pluses are that the temp is usually wonderful, although some days it doesn get a little too hot, it doesn't rain much, the grass only needs mowing every 2 or 3 weeks instead of every 5 days, and I don't drip sweat all over the car when I try to figure stuff out.

The minuses are.........well, the only one I can think of right now is it makes me feel bad for my friends up north. And, from about June to October, it is impossible to drive the TR6 in the day time with the top down (or up) because the vinyl will melt your skin!

If any of you guys get down here, give me a hollar and I'll take you for a nice top down ride along the beach! John.
JL Bryan

My Canadian and Northern friends,
I spent 2 Februarys 125 miles north of the Arctic Circle and about 12 months in Lybia so I know the difference between really hot and terribly cold, that's why I live where I do. When cabin fever sets in or you need to thaw out,come on down this way, stop in. I have a spare room, an extra set of golf clubs, and I always keep a wee dram for medicinal purposes.
Joe Justice
Joe Justice

I know what you mean, Joe. I grew up in central Florida and spent my college years in north central Florida, so I know what it feels like to be really cold, too. At least, cold for Florida. John.
JL Bryan

Hey, John. Let's hear it for Lake Mary.
Brent B

I drove a 1959 MGA through the winter of 1967/68. My only car, young and stupid, and I nearly froze my binyahkus off. Didn't have a hard top and those side curtains leak cold air like crazy.
Some people love winter; I'm not one of them.
Doug Campbell


Arctic Training or a DEW liner? Serviced calculator equipment in early 70s for both out of Churchill Manitoba base.

Bill Brayford

Brent, "Lake Mary in the Winter" or something like that. I actually grew up in Orlando, before the mouse thing.
JL Bryan

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