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Triumph TR6 - Ever Tilted Your Six?

Rarely a new product comes along that's outside the box . . . this is one of them:

Rick O.
72 TR6
Rick Orthen

If it came on wheels I could park two TR6's in the garage and still have room for a motorcycle.
Mati Holland

Can't say that I've ever done anything like that with a Triumph. However, we did make an upright storage cradle on heavy casters for storing a friend's 914 a few years ago. It was drained of fluids and the battery removed. We picked it up with a small gantry crane and rotated it into the cradle, secured it in place then rolled it out of the way for a couple of years. If a recall correctly, it was stored with drivers door to the ground.

It's amazing how little room a 914 takes up when it is on its side like that.

I think I saw this at the London Classic Car Show last year. It actually didn't look too bad.
J. L. Stein

Rick - the concept has been here for a couple of decades at least (one for sale up the road from me at the moment (ebay)

I don't think it really took off due to concerns about loading the entire weight of the car laterally on the front and rear suspension assemblies, one side at a time - although there were never any facts to back this up.

To me, the idea of the 'rotisserie' seems structurally better, but is more suited to restoration work.
Roger H

I have a roller similar to the one shown by Eastwood. I've used it on a (dare I say it) MGB to weld the floor pan. Made the job a breeze. Mine only cost GBP 200 or so, but I had to weld the various bits of steel together myself and paint it. No sweat. I used my engine crane to pick the car up with a rope around the chassis member. It was safe and stable. About a half pint of oil came out the gearbox, but all other fluids stayed in the car. Obviously I removed the batteries.

Mike Howlett

This thread was discussed between 13/09/2004 and 16/09/2004

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