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Triumph TR6 - Ex Manifold treatment

Well, I tried the Calyx exhaust manifold treatment and I have to say it worked great. Wire brushed the manifold, wiped down with lacquer thinner, then applied Calyx as instructed (smells like bubble gum). The manifold looks great. I used a toothbrush and (cut down to stub) paintbrushes. Used my finger (with nitril gloves) on the backside and worked the material into the pores of the metal as instructed. Didn't take much. Without removing the manifold I would say the coverage is about 95%. I viewed the backside with a mirror. Now all I need to do is install the carbs and bring the car up to temp. The beauty of this material is you can touch it up as needed. This can be used on any cast iron. My water pump was also a little shabby so touched it up too. I found this on a Corvette BBS where it was given great reviews. Bought it from a Corvette supplier $23.90 including shipping. Only time will tell how well it wears.

Bill Luther

From the pics , looks decent

Looks good Bill.

Would like to hear what it looks like after some heat from a few drives.

Interesting way to apply it.

Rick Crawford

Calyx is in a cake format that comes in a small plastic jar. The pic shows how little I used.

Bill Luther

Looks good Bill

Keep us informed on how it does wear.

Michael Petryschuk

Tried to google CALYX and found nothing. Got a WWW address?

I wounder if it is available up here in the great white north?

Rick Crawford

Google Calyx exhaust manifold treatment

found the first hit $20.99
JT White

I ordered from Zip Products, $15.95 + $7.95 shipping. Paid with PayPal. Shipped quickly UPS ground.

Bill Luther

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