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Triumph TR6 - exaust heat

I have a 1975 TR6 WITH HEADER AND STAINLESS STEEL exhaust The heat in the car very hot I have owned several tr6 in the seventies and cant remember the heat anybody have a fix I an ready to go back to stock exhaust is the header worth the suffering
jgm merrow

likely the heater control valve is shot, and you are getting winter type heat. you need to either replace the valve; there is an aftermarket that is supposed to work better, or just put a valve in the line so that you can turn it off manually in the summer.
dn dave

There is silicone tape that is used by the 1/4 mile folks to keep the heat inside the header, rather than in the engine compartment. Their interest is that it improves performance and reduces the amount of hot air sucked into the engine. I have heard though that the headers may rust out sooner because of it.

Another alternate is to have them ceramic coated to keep the heat in.

Hope that helps,
Leonard G Middleton

Jeff- You ever straighten this out.
There is a hot new heater control valve out there if you need it.

Are you saying the heat from the heater is too hot or it's just too hot in the car, maybe from the headers? If the latter, suggest you consider heat reflective liner for the cockpit. Seals against the floor and provides significant insulation from the exhaust heat. If the heater is too hot, do as others suggest and just turn it off.
Doug Baker

If you can't ask me how

This just ain't right.....A guy that lives in Connecticut is complaining about too much heat in his Triumph in January?????? Gotta be a setup!?!!??

Actually, I'm curious if this is excessive heat from the heater, or as Doug asks, from the exhaust system? I had a couple of MGB's in a previous life, and the cockpits of those cars were absolutely miserable in summer heat. No circulation down in the footwells. TR6 is so much better for that. (and other things, IMHO)
So...that's what I wanna know. Where's the excessive heat coming from?
Rod Nichols

W#ell that's 3 people who want to know

Hell, guys, I don't really wanna know, just trying to help Jeff figure out his problem. I could use a bit of heat 'bout now. New storm dumped 8-10" north of us. We only got rain and sleet and COLD temps. Around 20 now. So Jeff...send some heat south!
Doug Baker

Yes you do

Me thinks jgm has left the building.

Rod take a look at his post date. Len brought the post forward into the year 2010....I think.

This is a wierd post. Did no one ever answer him way back in April????? Was it even posted back in April 2009? or are we talking April Fools here?
Maybe we have a Twilight Zone problem.

Rick Crawford

He's alive

Welcome Rick

Len, you are talking about header wrap. It is a fibreglass wrap that covers the header to contain the heat in the pipe. It does keep the engine compartment cooler. Go . Yes it can rust out headers, if the wrap gets wet which is why it voids any manufacturers warranty. I just did mine on the weekend, my pipes are SS.

rw loftus


I am not found of wrapping as like Rob mentioned it trap moisture. And unfortunately SS also rust, but it takes longer time than mild steel. SS is also extremely sensitive to Cl ions.


Jean G
J. G. Catford

Sorry gents, I did not realize it was a "stale" posting.

I just saw it on the list and responded to it. I would have thought that something from July ("dn dave") would have rolled off the front of the bulletin board by now.

Yes Rob, I was talking about header tape.


Leonard G Middleton

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