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Triumph TR6 - exhaust advice needed

Time to replace the exhaust on my 74 tr6. Looking at the Monza exhaust vs stock, is the Monza a lot louder or just better sound.Any advice appreciated. thanks
Dave Monin

I have heard (excuse the pun) that the Monza is both. Also if u go stock go with the SS. I have the OE stock system (that is what came with her in the pile of boxes). The system has 600 miles on it and looks ratty already.
Rick Crawford

A free flow is only good if you done mods all the way through ie headers, port and polish, webers.

I would stick to stock but make it stainless steel. that way you will not be changing it again and if you have to do work ie rear end it will come apart easy. The Falcon SS does have a sweet sound to it and is louder than the mild steel ones.

I have had Monza and Ansa in the past on other cars and although the chrome and crinkle black finish looks nice I did not find that they lasted that long and rusted all Italian cars. Hmmm wonder if that explains why other than exotics their car industry is washed up in North America, or more like it 'turned to iron dust'

Myself, I have the Falcon Sport system "hooked" thru a Triumphune 6-3-2 manifold. The exhaust doesn't meet up correctly with the manifold even though I spent the extra money to buy the correct front connecting pipes. Sometimes it pays to stick with stock pieces and deal with a trusted dealer espesially if you haven't done the other needed modifications to the motor to make the exhaust system do its job.
Don K.

The best fitting stainless exhaust system is manufactured by Bell in the UK. Cheers. Rick O.
Rick Orthen

Eleven years ago, I bought a Falcon stainless exhaust in England for my TR3A and it is still like new after over 60,000 miles. Well I have to admit, it's a bit scratched where I bottomed out going onto ferry's, entering a mall where the street was very crowned, etc.

In the first 80,000 miles spread over 15 years with the ordinary mild steel systems, I probably went through about 6 to 8 of them.

Long live stainless !

This from one of the "more experienced, older, senior, seasoned owners".

If you want to see an old guy and his TR, click on Barry's web-site:-

Then click on "Brag Book" (left menu) then on my name to see my 3A last August in Colorado.

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

Hey Don nice TR3, thought that the scrachting the exhaust thing was a 6er thing. The tail pipe hits the road every time coming out of a mall or coming out backwards in a driveway. At least I am not alone. It must be one of those quirky Brit things that the engineers must have thought up as my buddy's Heally 3000 also rubs the pipes on the ground all the time and grade above 1%.
My Falcon is 6 years old and looks brand new...DEATH TO MILD STEEL

Yup, she is a nice lookin 3A. Looks like u have as much grey in your beard as I. Sounds like when my OE style steel dies will go with the FALCON SS.
Rick Crawford


I experience many systems an I found Monza not reliable and noisy. Ansa is a grade better but if you want something that is rare go to
for Abarth.

I now have a Stebro on my TR6 and it is a perfect match
and a great sound, cheers JGC
Jean G. Catford

This thread was discussed between 05/04/2002 and 09/04/2002

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