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Triumph TR6 - Exhaust and oil smell

I just bought my TR6 1975 last month.
I smell some exhaust and oil odours while running the car with the soft top on.
Somebody can help me searching the reason of this problem?
Thank you

Check the grommets thru the firewall bulkhead, and seals between the transmission tunnel and the floor. These will let fumes into the interior if in poor condition, or are missing. Check your exhaust system for leakage underneath the car as well.
This presumes the sheetmetal on the body and floor pans is sound and properly sealed at joints.
Welcome to our world or British sports cars!

Pete H.
Pete Haburt


It's British... I did a full up restore on my 6 and my eyes burn from exhaust and oil when I run with the soft top up...

It is just a feature of the britih cars.. Its probably in the manual..

On a more serious note.. NEVER use synthetic oil in your SIX. The seals on the drive shaft are felt and are desgnied to throw a little oil. If you put synthetic in it will throw a whole bunch more.

I always get a bad oil smell when the car is warming up (within the first 10 minutes) and then it goes away.

But with the top up.. thats a different story..
I simply run with the window down a crack and crank the heat up.


If you want perfection, buy a Miata or a Honda S2000. A Triumph is not a Triumph unless it leaks oil on your driveway, has excess heat in the leg area and smells of exhaust and oil especially with the top up not to mention runs better one day than the next. These cars were not built under the notion of 'Quality is Job 1'...just check the gaps from the left side versus the right side, perhaps a few too many pints durring break time??

Other than a blatent leak in the exhaust system, leak in the gas tank or serious holes in the floor my suggestion is live with is the idiosyncrasy that well all learn to love about these crazy British cars.

I get an oil l and stinky exhaust smell durring the first 10 min of warm up and after that the car is fine. My neighbours also got used to it as well!!

Thanks for your suggestions.
I'll check for some leakage of the exhaust system.
I've also found some grommets in the firewall bulkhead that are missing.
Brentw and Steven ,
Thanks for your good words!
Definitely,these pretty British cars are so cute that I'm ready to accept their perfume! (Sorry for my poor english...)
Québec City
PD Pierre

Pierre - Welcome to the fun of British sports cars. Did a previous owner have it undercoated with tar, grease or oil ? Maybe that's what makes the smell.

I don't think my TR smells oil and gas when I'm driving it. My simle solution is to drive it with the top down. In the 12 years since I finished my full restoration, I have driven "TRusty" 64,500 miles - but more than 60,000 miles has been with the top down.

I just got back on Monday from the Triumph races (great stuff - the 14 Brits who came over with 8 Triumphs showed the Yanks how to drive fast) last weekend at the Mid-Ohio track - 1927 miles that trip - no smelly oil or gas. I've already driven over 2,500 miles this summer.

Keep the top down and your foot on the pedal !

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A

Don Elliott

Don- Give us working stiffs a break, your killing me!
Don K.

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