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Triumph TR6 - exhaust/intake gasket

I'm replacing my intake/carbs with a new setup that I got from Jeff at Paltech. I had the exhaust/intake manifold replaced about 3 months ago. Do I need to go ahead and replace it again when I remove the old carb/intake manifold? If so, do I need to use any sort of gasket sealant? Also, should I use gasket sealant on the gaskets that fit between the carbs and the air cleaner assembly?

Chris, I would replace the manifold gasket. I wouldn't trust it to seal again after being compressed and subjected to heat. I recently replaced mine, and did not use any sealer, and have had no problems. Just make sure the mating surfaces are all well cleaned.
If you're using new air cleaner-to-carb gaskets, I wouldn't bother with any sealant. But if you're reusing the old gaskets, it might be a good idea.
Just my .02. Others may advise differently.

Tom Note

This thread was discussed on 08/03/2007

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