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Triumph TR6 - Exhaust Manifold

I have a 1976 TR6. Are exhaust manifolds exchangable with another year TR6 manifold. I need a manifole and there is a 1974 manifold availiable to purchase.I understand that there are one pipe systems and two pipe systems and that must be compatable.
D Burstyn


If you still have the air injection stuff for pollution or ever had you need a 75 or 76. If you do have the pump now may be the ideal time to get rid of it?

If you don't anything past a 72 will bolt up. Can't think of any problems.

Bill Brayford

Thanks Bill, The air injection tubes rusted out, so i removed them and the pump etc. I took the manifold to the machine shop to plug the holes, and drill out the one tube that broke in the manifold. It came back and really looks a mess. I found a 74 manifold that i can buy and bolt up without looking that things have been modified. Wish I knew, the manifold that was worked on really looks a mess. I want things to look good under the hood.
D Burstyn

Just watch when you torque down and hook up pipes. Castings are what is called green new a little more pliant and then from heating and cooling or time age.

That doesn't harm them actually makes better but they tend to form and harden. So stay a bit light on the torque till you heat up a bit through running. Then retorque. Should be good.
Bill Brayford

I have a used manifold that has the air injection tubes cut off. The problem, I can't get the bolts for the injection tubes out. I've tried penetrant and torch heat. I managed to break one of the bolts off in the manifold.

I'll have to drill out and re-tap the stuck bolts and plug them if I want to use it. In the end, it will look like crap so I think I'll get a nice used one. I've seen them go fairly cheap on Ebay before.
D J Guess

I have a '75 exhaust manifold sitting around, and would be happy to sell it.

Email me if interested.

P Johnston

Replacing it with a good used manifold is the way to go. I have learned by experience.

D Burstyn

This thread was discussed between 19/04/2004 and 20/04/2004

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