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Triumph TR6 - Exhaust Manifold

I am making the change to Weber Carbs. While doing that, I thought I might as well clean up the (standard)exhaust manifold. Any suggestions? Will engine heat paint work or is there another coating I can apply? I don't want to go overboard here I just want to clean it up and make it presentable.
Bill Luther

Bill, both Eastwood and POR have high temperature paints that may be used for exhausts. Here's mine done in POR's Hi-Temp Silver. Don't know what it'll look like when the heat actually hits it, but will imagine that it'll change color somewhat. Recommend that you bead blast the manifold, clean really well with a solvent and then paint with your choice of high temperature paints. I had the option to Powder Coat, but chose not to since it'd have inhibited heat disapation some.

Doug Baker

A few months back a number of the guys were chatting up ceramic coating as an option. I have no experience with that process personally but you may want to search the archives as there were pictures of the results posted.

Ken Shaddock

I have lots of stuff ceramic ed on my cars


I will certainly look into that paint. Summit Racing (my other supplier of parts for '32 Chev) carries one of them. I am not big on powder coat either. I ran a metal fab shop in So Cal. for 20 years, finish dept went from lacquer to enamel, to Hi solids to powder coating (thanks to SCAQMD). Powder is hard to coat at 2 mils or less and is really an encapsulation process. If you get a non visible void, (crack) corrosion can build underneath undetected until a large section finally peels away. I had a 5 stage wash line and 2 bake off ovens. Still hard to control. I know, many things are powder coated successfully, I still prefer a good paint that can be touched up when needed.

I have been reading about Calyx on a few Corvette and other sites. Pretty interesting stuff. Anyone here used it? Since my header is only cosmetically unappealing, I may give it a try. Best part is I won't have to remove it. If it works, I will post a pic or two.
Bill Luther

Bill, I'm not familar with Calyx. I'll check it out. I have discovered POR products to be all that they advertise and use several paints and cleaners from them. I have not yet experienced problems with Powder Coating and plan to PC my frame in the not too distant future (I hope).
Doug Baker

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