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Triumph TR6 - Exhaust manifold gasker?

I am replacing my manifold with a Pacesetter header. It came with a composite gasket. Should I use it or buy a better quality gasket? I don't like it's looks (bright white) but it seems thicker than my old gasket and didn't know if it needed a different thickness.
Bill Kinney

As I recall, the included composite gasket is of equal quality to the upgraded composite gaskets.
P Johnston


I have known several folks that have had "gasket problems" when installing headers.

The problem starts with the fact that the mounting flange on some brands of headers is slightly thinner than the original exhaust and intake manifolds. When trying to use stock or even the thicker combination gasket, the header never gets tightened up properly because of the 'saddle' type clamp used on many of the studs does not apply full pressure to the exhaust manifold. So what may at first seem just fine ends up blowing out the gasket. Many have used spacers under the 'saddle' clamp in order to address the issue.

I have personally not gone to headers so I have no first hand experience and only mention this as a forewarning to a potential problem.

In another vein, a thicker gasket could help to address some minor variations in the relative flatness of the manifolds and cylinder head. I stress 'could' and 'minor'. It never hurts to check the head, the header and the original intake manifold for true prior to assembly.


This thread was discussed between 16/10/2005 and 17/10/2005

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