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Triumph TR6 - exhaust manifold mods

I had to remove the exhaust manifold because of broken head pipe studs (had to drill out). Anyway I got a good look at the manifold. At the collector side I noticed the "balance" hole between the two halves of the manifold was very restrictive and looked like it could be more of a hinderance than a help to good flow. The hole was almost perpendicular to the flow. I dont think flows that move sideways to the desired path will help with good flow. So I took my grinding tool out and greatly enlarged the balance hole and made "V"s at both the top and bottom of the hole to promote an easy path for the exhaust to flow out either halve of the collector. The manifold is now sent off to for a cast iron look metallic ceramic coating. $100. This should help reduce under hood and intake manifold temps. I'll let you know how everything turns out when I put it all back together.
Steve Hazelfeldt

This thread was discussed on 04/05/2005

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