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Triumph TR6 - Exhaust Pipes

Hi All,

I finally found time to work on my 6, and am currently trying to replace a crushed down pipe below the exhaust manifold. Is there a trick to separating the down pipe from the pipes that go back the rest of the way?

I have the Ansa exhaust. I don't think the connection I am trying to separate is welded, it is just rusty, but it looks like all the pipes after this have been welded so it may not be easy to pull things out.

Would applying heat work?

Ignatius Rigor

Even pipes that are not rusty are difficult to seperate since once they are clamped the shape of the pipes changes somewhat so you have a groove to contend with. If the portion you are replacing can be cut, then just bend the small portion left and pull it out of the good section. Otherwise you need to carefully use a small chisel or srewdriver and gentle keep pounding it in all around the circumference until you free the pipes. There is a tool available to straighten the pipes out afterward. Maybe some of the guys have found a better way to seperate pipes.

Doug C.
Doug Campbell

Hi Doug,

Thanks for the advice!

I never thought I would take a sawzall to my car, but I cut the down pipe, then made two cuts on the inside of each pipe of the remaining pieces of the down pipe, being careful not to cut the pipes going back to the rest of the exhaust, and the pieces came apart rather easily! (Especially compared to the I effort I put in before posting this question!).

Ah, the wonders of tools and this BBS!

...thanks again!

Ignatius Rigor

Ignatius- Call me if you get stuck and need help.

Hi Don,

Thanks. My car is up and running again. I think it is at least 50% faster now that it can breathe better.

Ignatius Rigor

This thread was discussed between 10/06/2005 and 13/06/2005

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