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Triumph TR6 - Exhaust questions

I think I may have an endless number of questions. My exhaust was tested when I got the 71TR6, and it was running a little rich, or so the guy claimed, but not horrible; no other issues. Compression was pretty good. Oil pressure is actually, to me, a little too high. Anyway, after a tune up and carb adjustment, the car smells like it is running too rich or something. The exhaust pipes have a lot of black soot after very few miles, which I think means it is running too rich. And, until it gets nice and warmed up, it runs a little uneven at the lower end of the rpms. I have seen some smoke at a stoplight today, at idle, but not real bad. There is usually no smoke, or so little I can't see it, in my garage or drive, but it smells to me like it is too rich or something. The engine runs cool, etc.

Is this likely a carb problem with too much fuel being burned? Or is it a major issue? It has been a little over two weeks since I got the car back from the overpriced british/jag guy and he told me to bring it back after about a month to check on the carbs (at no additional charge).

It sounds like it could be a running rich. The easiest way is to pull a spark plug from the front & back 3 cylinders and look at the center electrode insulator. White is too lean, black is too rich. The TR6 runs best at slightly rich conditions - a brownish plug vs the standard "tan". If you find black plugs tell the mechanic when you return for the freebie adjustment.
Brent B

John, can we assume your air filters are clean - sometimes the obvious is missed. Peter
Peter Gooch

Oh, and check your choke cables, be sure the chokes are all the way OFF. Peter
Peter Gooch

This thread was discussed on 30/08/2003

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