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Triumph TR6 - Exhaust Rumble when De-accelarating

I am hearing a rumbling and minor backfiring thru the exhaust when I let off the gas and start to slow down. Espiceally when I am in 2nd or 3rd. Any ideas on what is cauing this? Thanks in advance.

Mine did that when I first got it. Carbs were set too lean.

Brent B

If you're damper oil is low or leaking past the o-rings, it will also lean out the carbs and cause the popping. Piston rises too quickly, no resistence.
Mati Holland

Exhaust leaks between the Cyl head and muffler can cause this on overun, I agree that the fuel mixture is the first thing to look at
Clive P

This thread was discussed between 09/05/2005 and 10/05/2005

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