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Triumph TR6 - Exhaust System Make

What system is this?

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

I'm not sure who manufactures this unit but I had it on my '72 when I bought it. I had to change it immediately as it was so earsplittingly loud that you couldn't even have a loud conversation in the car.
J. L. Stein

It's probably the same system J.L. removed. Sorta like the one and only fruit cake, it just gets passed around.
Joe Justice

Thanks. I'm not in the market for one, just curious since I'd never seen it before. Interesting that the silencers look identical to my Ansa's, but it is missing the 2 other flat rectangular silencers that are on mine where the tips are welded.

If those are the only silencers, then it must indeed produce intolerable noise.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

Too Loud?

You guys must be older than the average TR6 owner!

(Personally, I don't think you should have a stereo in a TR)

John Parfitt

My 71 has one of those monza type systems that looks similar, with 4 pipes. It is extremely loud!

And I don't have a stereo in mine and I couldn't hear one if I did.

JL Bryan

Speaking of loud, I was doing the spring tuning ritual on my six last night and a cop showed up. Someone had called 911 to complain about the noise. Never had that happen before.

The officer really enjoyed looking over the car and said they get a lot of calls like this during the spring.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

Last year in the suburbs I fired my TR6 engine for the first time after a rebuild with new cam etc.

The first time you fire an engine with a new cam you must run the engine at 2500 rpm for 15 - 20 minutes. If you idle the engine you'll gall the cam lobes due to lack of lubrication.

So anyhow here I am razzing the engine through this noisy exhaust and my Portugusse neighbour is jumping up and down shaking his fist at me to please stop the noisy racket.

I moved my family to the country after that.

John Parfitt


The systems illustrated on e-Bay is the Abarth system. In the 70's two aftermarket systems were competing each other: Abarth and Stebro. These two systems are still avaliable. Abarth is made in US as it was in Italy and Stebro is custom made and is similar to the original except that it is s-steel now. I have a stebro on my TR6 and it is a pleasure. The only thing that have been required is the double ss front pipe from Falcon.

Cheers JGC
Jean G. Catford

Thanks for the info Jean. I take it the Stebro and Abarth systems are much more desireable in comparison with the 'Monza'. Some day my Ansa's will bite the dust and I'll be looking for a replacement.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

My current exhaust system looks identical. I can't tell wich is louder, the exhuast or the exhaust manifold with a hole in it.

I don't like the looks of the 4 tail pipes sticking out so far. The "mufflers" will also scrape on moderate inclines.
D J Guess

My neighbors have never complained about any of my engines running. Not even the highly modified Harley-Davidson, which can set off car alarms in parking lots. But I do try to be respectful and not run them late at night or for entended times. Although I did have one neighbor ask me once if I had been firing a shotgun one day (this was when I first got the '73 with the messed up distributer gear timing - It really make a loud explosion out the factory style muffler while I was trying to diagnose the problem - sounded just like a shotgun!)

Bob (I used to live in the country - then they built houses where the farms used to be - went from two neighbors on a gravel road, to having NINE ADJOINING PROPERTIES!)
R.C. Blair

A HD? At least it has SU's, no?

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

Rick -

I have an S&S carburator on the Big Twin (Sturgis) and factory carb on the 77 Cafe Racer (XLCR-1000).

R.C. Blair

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