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Triumph TR6 - exhaust systems

Has anyone tried any of the aftermarket exhaust systems? I am running a Euro PI cam, triple webers, headers, petronix system. I have a dual exhaust on there now but it is getting old and I need to replace as it is leaking exhaust into cabin. I also think I would be better off with a two into one into two system.(better low end torque) THanks, Matt

Hi Matt,

Have a look in the archives this topic has been discussed extensively.

My two cents advice:

Stebro: v-good + SSteel
ANSA: v-good + mild steel
Monza pacesetter: I was not satisfied and extremly noisy

As mentioned in Kastner comp. manual,: regular exhaust manifold is more than adequate.


J. G. Catford


I have the Falcon stainless steel "stock" exhaust from TRF on my '73 and it has an excellent, throaty sound (just slightly louder than stock) that makes me slow down at every chance and run back up through the gears!

Mike Calhoun

I have the new ANSA model from Moss ON MY '73. Very well made. Looks fantastic with the 4 exit pipes. Lovely throaty sound with distinct tones, much better than the Monza/Pacesetter - BUT, it is too loud at cruise and I'm looking for a way to quiet it down a notch or two.



The best cheapest way to quiet them is to fit a Red bullit free flow muffler in the circuit. You can find them at every, my favorite, Candian Tire store. I have done that with that horrible pacaesetter in the past. But next time have a look at Stebro CDN made exhaust system. Expensive a bit but with a good quality.


J. G. Catford


Like Mike in SC I have the "stock" Falcon SS exhaust (from Moss) on my '76. It is a big improvement over the old "stock" one and the sound is sweet - very throaty but not too loud at 60+ MPH with top up or down. Good value for money with stainless as you will never need to replace it.

1976 - TR6
Bob Evans

I have the Falcon SS. Normally, to me, they are very loud and because the pipe from the muffler is so short the exhaust gets sucked back into the car trough any hole or seal that is not tight at the rear of the car from the back draft. But if you put an exhaust tip lengthening it about 6-8 inches it dramaticly reduces the noise and gets the exhaust out of the back draft. As a country dweller I respect peace and quiet. If you have a loud car I don't want to hear it because it just sounds like an old tractor with a rotted out soup can muffler so keep it in the city with all the other rattle cans.

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