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Triumph TR6 - Exhaust Tips

This may be a matter of opinion but given a choice of what is the best location and set up for the exhaust tips exiting a to-be-restored 1976 TR6? Dual tips on left? Dual tips on right? One pipe on each side? What's hot & what's not?
Ken S

Obviously dual tips on left is what all TR6s had originally. Coming out of the right side just does not sound natural or "right" for some reason. Tips out the center will be a problem in that you will get exhaust smoke back in the cabin of the car and generally leads to headaches. One tip exiting both sides...well I have seen it and I know there is a picture available for you too look at it.
Are you saying you have found one Ken?
Rick C
Rick Crawford

I think so Rick. Just trying to nail down details about the car after reading Williams book... the Essential Buyers Guide.

This Roger Williams chap sure brings up a lot of mechanical concerns like valve seats & unleaded gas, crankshaft thrust bearing upgrade, rear shocks, polyurethane bushings, clutch thrust fork upgrade, improved exhaust manifolds, and on and on. Not sure how many of these concerns/suggestions are critical but I'm following up each as I go.

Thanks for the confirmation that twin left is right... err correct. Ken
Ken S

There is another book worth reading as well. This one in "The Original..." series and covers the TR6. It is available fiarly widely but if you get stuck try

Opinions seem to vary a lot on the usefulness of the books by Roger Williams.
The bits about unleaded fuel and valve seats recession are in my experience mostly unfounded. There are plenty of additives which you may use for lead replacement.
This was and still is a big deal for some UK enthusiasts but it seems to be limited to the UK alone.

The concerns about the thrust bearing have some basis.
If the thing needs replacing then the engine is most likely a) totally in need of a rebuild , or b) assembled by someone who has no idea whatsoever and leads back to a. above.

Th rest are upgrades and "tweaks" which are nice to do if / when you get to it but not essential by any means.
If you are planiing to keep the car for a long period then as these things need doing up grade them as you go.

The overdrive IS a useful item to have. It lowers the revs when you are cruising and improves fuel economy too.
Expensive but well worth the dollars.

Cheers , Pete.

Peter Thomas

Thank you Pete for anwering so many Q's. This is great and I appreciate the perspective on Williams' books. I could drive myself nuts with all the stuff he writes about re cautions and improvments. That of course is because I cannot separate ideals from needs at this point. I'll learn in time. I'll look for that book.

BTW, Australia in the news often up here what with Steve Irwin's unexpected passing in addition to the celebrity news on Keith Urban, Nichole Kidman, and the Gladiator.
Ken Shaddock

Rick... can you send me a picture of the car you refer to with exhaust tips exiting each side instead of being twinned on the left. Ken
Ken S

Will contact owner and have him send one to you (and me:).
Rick Crawford

This thread was discussed between 28/09/2006 and 29/09/2006

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