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Triumph TR6 - Exhausting experience

Hi guys,hope I'm back for the last time on this subject. Since last time I've replaced the manifold gasket, cleaned and replaced the manifold,and just yesterday installed a new SS exhaust front to back.

I have a lot of smoke coming out at the flange between the manifold and front pipe. I used a new gasket (Copper?), lots of anti-sieze, and torqued to 20-25 ft/lbs as the Bentley book describes

I figured on some smoke as labels and 'the new' burnt off, but there's a clear swirl coming out at the flange. Used a lot of anti-seize there. Before I take the layman's approach to add some more ft/lbs beyond specs, I thought I'd ask for a consult.

Any suggestions?

Mark H

When I did mine I used 2 gaskets. Might help any "extra little gaps".
Rick Crawford

Hi Mark,

I just renewed my (car's) exhaust and the gasket I had looked like 2 very thin sheets of aluminum with some kind of gasket sandwiched in between with the outer edges of the aluminum folded and crimped together. This looked just like the old and sealed perfectly.

Chris Wiebe

This thread was discussed on 10/03/2002

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