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Triumph TR6 - Extra Vacuum for brakes (follow up)

A few weeks ago, I mentioned an extra vacuum canister installed in the PI model saloons and the need for extra vacuum as it was used when auto transmissions are installed.

I have not been able to see (or get a pic of one) but I did see one being used as an oil catch tank!!

I ended up buying a unit from a local race shop - it came all the way from Tennessee!!

Importantly, it must be noted that this unit does not increase the amount of vacuum in the system - it simply increases the VOLUME of vacuum available for repeated pedal operations.

I have a cam close to the Goodparts GP3 spec and the vacuum is reduced by the reversion into the inlet manifold by the overlap. (My vac = 9" hg, which is lower than standard PI's and a lot lower than std carb models).

The unit fits neatly on top of the pedal box, next to the clutch MC and close to the booster. (7" x 5" dia) - I'm RHD - I'm not sure about the LHD space.

It is a very simple thing - I suggest making one and testing before buying one if you think you may benefit from it.

Use 4" sewer waste pipe (UPVC) with two end caps glued on.
Buy i) a generic non-return valve similar to the one that connects the brake booster to the inlet manifold and ii) a male push on hose connector to suit the brake vac hose ( & not forgetting hose clamps) - you can see the idea in the comps cams picture.

Drill and instal into one end cap, ensuring good seals with NO LEAKAGE.

Instal thus :

Inlet manifold to non-return valve on canister, male outlet on canister to non-return valve on booster. As simple as that!

While it does not give me additional boost, it does give me the cofidence to know that I have more than two pedal applications before running out of boost!



Roger H

This thread was discussed on 04/12/2003

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