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Triumph TR6 - Ez Bleed or Mityvac Opinions

I have a 74 1/2 TR6 and am about to purchase a Hydraulic bleeding system. Getting tired of the hose and jar method. The systems I see the most are the Ez bleed and Mityvac system. Any opinions on which is best and any suggestions for other systems?
M.F. Hofbauer

Check out speed bleeders at
Don K.

Past threads on this BB have discussed this. The Mityvac is a good one person system. The only problem (to me) is that when loosening off the bleed nipples and pumping you get champagne bubbles going past the threads of the bleed screw. In past threads it was suggested to me to grease the threads to eliminate the bubbles..tried it and did not work. What Don K suggests eliminates these bubbles. This may not even be an issue. I am accustomed (old school)to seeing NO bubbles and for piece of mind do the final bleed with the helper at the brake peddle. I am unfamiliar with ez-bleed but am happy with mytivac and will continue to use it.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

I have used the MityVac with complete success on all four corners and the clutch slave cylinder. The air that's drawn through the bleeder threads was never a problem as they were tiny (if you have air in your pipes, the bubbles will be a lot larger letting you know you haven't finished the bleeding). I'm not familiar with the EZ Bleed apparatus, but it may be the one that requires a compressed air source to generate a venturi suction. That's a bit too involved for my taste. Best of luck!

Rick O.
72 TR6
Rick Orthen

This thread was discussed between 22/04/2002 and 23/04/2002

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