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Triumph TR6 - Falcon exhaust mounting question

So I have the falcon ss exhaust ready to install on my 71. I'm just wondering how the fit was for any of the other owners out there? Did anyone need to shorten the intermediate pipe? Also wonder how the slide on fit of the slotted connector on the muffler was over the intermediate pipe? Did everyone find they really had to pry the sloted halves apart? The front pipe to intermediate pipe was no problem. Thanks in advance.
A Vandergoot

That's pretty funny.
Took me 11 years to fit mine properly.
Headers or stock manifold.
71 with a stock manifold is the single down pipe.
Don Kelly

stock manifold single down pipe. Man I don't have 11 years to get this right I'm not that exact. I'll settle for "close enough". It seems what you are saying it is a cut and fit type of job.
A Vandergoot

No, it took me that long to find out they had shipped me the wrong center pipes.
Bob I think has just installed his on a stock manifold,albeit ,a latter twin pipe system

Post picks of the hard ware they give you. I'm curious.
The hardest thing will be getting the old off.
Also .Is it a stock rear section or a sport system
Don Kelly

Stock rear section I believe. I actually got it on!! Just needed a bigger hammer!!! The pic is attached. I haven't got the final adjustment yet. Everything is pretty much the way it should be now.

The old front pipe came off with no real drama. Just used some "liquid wrench" a few days ahead of time.
Thanks for putting up with me Don.

A Vandergoot

No problem Al, more like the other way around.
Hopefully will meet you at VanDusen in 2012 if the weather is decent
Don Kelly

This thread was discussed between 23/10/2011 and 24/10/2011

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