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Triumph TR6 - Falcon tammer

I have a set of Falcon Stainless steel exhaust on my TR-6. They are loud and because they exit in the center instead of the corner the back draft of the rear sucks the exhaust past the trunk seal and anyother passage into the cockpit.
So I was at the local cheap, cut rate parts store and found a pair of exhaust tips in a box. They are about 10 inches long and I installed them giving about an 7 inch extention and wha-la, silence and no more sufocating fumes! They stick out a little to far but I plan to push them on farther untile I get the disired visual and performance results needed. Of course I now hear some other sounds I did not before. It's amazing what a couple extra inches does for the old girl.

"It's amazing what a couple extra inches does for the old girl." lol, but I like happy endings anyway!
Rick Orthen


could you post a photo of the extensions, i am curious to see how they look?

Bob Craske

This thread was discussed between 09/12/2005 and 10/12/2005

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