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Triumph TR6 - Felt washer on inside front wheel bearing

My mate has just pulled his stub axle off and between the inner bearing and the upright is the spacer and 4 shims. The workshop manual says that there should be a felt washer as well. Is this still the case? Are the felt washers still used or are they redundant now days?

I must admit that I am surprised that there is not a rubber oil seal. I guess that is Triumph for you!

Any advice is very welcome.

Cheers, David
David JM

uh Dave, just pulled both front axles a couple weeks ago and don't remember any felt washers, but I'll look again.
Doug Baker

Thanks Doug.

Now that I have done a bit more research, I have a feeling that the felt is inside what looks like a spacer at the inside end of the stub axle. He hasn't removed this bit. It looks like the "spacer" is a steel housing for the felt seal which faces the upright.

He also has not been able to get the bolts off the caliper mounting bracket, so has left this attached. Probably no real need to remove it.

Does this all sound correct?

David JM

TR3s had them.
I think the way they adjusted them was to do it without the felt. Then pull it apart and add the felt after counting the spanner turns
Don Kelly

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