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Triumph TR6 - Ferrari clutch

Regarding Johns engine rebuild and the clutch,I can see you all asking why did he buy a Ferrari clutch when a stock clutch is perfectly capable, A. we didnt, I had one. and B. We needed a friction plate that had an offset spline to compensate for the Half inch I had removed from the flywheel,I had a bunch of spare parts from a Ferrari BBLM from 1980 Lm Mans car and as luck would have it the splines were the same, 10 1 1/4 inch,and the same dia. friction surface, These were twin plate paddle units capable of 600 BHP I have 2units left if anyone is interested
Clive P

Hi Clive,

May be it is a good idea but for the ordinary TR6 owner, it is not easy to find next time it breaks.



J. G. Catford

J.G. I am giving john a spare to keep with the car, so if the need for a repacement should arise it will be a straight forward job, But I doubt this will wear out in the forseable future even driven hard every day
Clive P

I am still working on my superchargedtr6 project and have heard that the stock clutch is hard pressed to stand the newfound HP. How much is this Ferrari clutch set-up? Where is it bought if you no longer have it?
Gene Holtzclaw

Hi Clive,

I would be interested in hearing more about the clutch also if you wish to email me.


Hi Clive,

I am a bit curious about that ferrari clutch. Why have you choosen a Ferrari one as there is many comp. clutch avaliable for TR6 and from what model of Ferrari have you selected it and why???


P.S. And what were the modif. required to fit it, in fact why not posting your realisation???
J. G. Catford

Clive chose the Ferrari clutch because he had some on hand. It might not be a mod that most TR6 owners want to invest in, but for a leftover spare part, it sounds like a great mod to me!

The engine is back in, and as soon as everything is hooked back up, I'll let you guys know what difference I can tell with the Ferrari pressure plate.

JL Bryan

JG I think that I have answered both your questions in my initial thread, my work involves old Ferraris and so I have many spare parts from various models, the clutch in question came from a flat 12 cyl Boxer engine normally found in 80s Testarossa's, this was the first production model with the engine positioned directly above the gearbox, Ferrari were not going through a good time in the 80's and many parts were bought in and the drivetrain was a mixture of Metric and Imperial hence the spline size and the diameter of the clutch which is a direct replacement for the TR6 but capable of dealing with a few more horses, This would not have been my first choice for Johns car, but when you have one on the shelf its a bit like winning the Lottery. Now don't go telling all the Testarossa owners that a Triumph clutch fits their car even though it cant deal with the Horse Power. most of them that get driven down here in Florida are a fashion item and come with lap Dog rather than prancing horse
Clive P

A cursory search tells me that 1750.00 would be an approximate cost of these twin disc clutch set ups. Does this sound right Clive?
Gene Holtzclaw

Gene Guess so! Thats the price you pay for the Badge, I was not recomending doing this modification to any member just pointing out the coincidence of finding a clutch of the dimensions I was searching for that just happened to fit a more exotic car, but not necessarly a more fun one
Clive P

Many moons ago I had a Fiat and when it needed a set of points (contact breaker?), I went to the local Italian garage. There I got set of Bosch points for a few bucks. At the same time, a friend of mine had a V12 Ferrari saloon which required two sets of points. The Italian supplier pointed out that both Fiat and Ferrari used Bosch units. Mine cost a few bucks - his cost was almost 100 ........

Now all we need is the manufacturer of the Ferrari clutch, plain brown box and a few generic details....
Roger H

hi clive, i was wondering if i could get your email? i want to ask you about a part if you have spare ferrari parts around. thanks
randy kassed

This thread was discussed between 12/02/2006 and 23/02/2006

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