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Triumph TR6 - Finally Parting with Family Airlume

Well, I've posted it in the BBS's Classifieds.
Think it must take some time to get approved before it's listed.

Anyways, here are the details.


1975 (74-1/2) Triumph TR6 with O/D (original-Dealer install), +58,000 miles. $15,000 Cdn firm (buyer pays all taxes), No Dealers. Father was original owner (me 2
P Johnston

Should say "Rear Sway-Bar..." not Rear roll-bar (aftermarket of course oversized)
P Johnston offence, but it should say "heirloom" not Airlume...but then again who's checking?
JT White

JT, maybe it is an airlume ;)

Yes, my wife was (once again) quick to point out that my spelling is awefull.

But unless the webmaster corrects it on my behalf, I guess it will stay as is...
P Johnston

Sorry to see the car leaving your family, and for a Mercedes. If your gonna get one like that, at least it should be a early 60's 280 cabriolet

Sorry to see that your selling the .TR6.
Still remember the drive when you stopped by
in Pickering as a nice sounding/driving car.
To bad you can't hang on to both.
Cheers and good luck

M Macdonald

My dad also bought a 75 TR6. I have had it for 10-15 years off and on. (It went back and forth a couple of times) But now sadley its mine for good. Except now my son drives it once in a while. Yeah its a family airloom. Russell
R Egge

Love to know who the guy was in Oshawa who did the tranny... can't seem to get lucky with mine right now.
Hope u find the right owner.
Garry Burgess

PJ Unfortunately since July 1 the purchaser will have to pony up 13% tax instead of the previous 8%. This is all Ontario tax - not HST. It is the Provincial Government's idea of not giving private sellers an advantage over dealers.

also 75 TR6
BJ Quartermaine

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