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Triumph TR6 - First Drive of 2004

Went for a Sunday afternoon drive in the TR4 yesterday, weather was dry and 12-14 degreesC or mid 50s F.(Was it warm in Montreal, Don?)
Filled up with 94 octane at Sunoco so as to prevent condensation in the tank, must get stabiliser today!
Anyone else get out! Ridiculous weather!
Simon Rasmussen

How dare you tell the rest of us iglo owners this story.

Don't you dare say u had the top down!
Rick C

P.S. Simon, Do you keep the collision on all year?
Rick Crawford

This morning it was -51C with the wind chill here in Regina. The geese are gone. The TR hibernates. Only the stupid humans are left freezing in the dark.
A. J. Koschinsky

75 degrees, sunny and top down. Walked 18 holes and broke a sweat. Now I hear that some Canadians are jealous and are sending us a few days of their winter weather. It's dropping into the low 20's and windy. Thanks guys, I'll be sure and let you know just as soon as it warms back up.
Joe Justice
Joe Justice

Thanks Joe Hope you don't freeze off your Dunlops on the next outing. Always great to hear the woes of our southern friends as I shovel snow.

Nice while it lasted eh Simon?
Bill AKA Frosty
Bill Brayford

Yea, unnaturally warm even for down here. It was in the 70s yesterday and 64F (~18C for the metricated folks) at 0530 EST this morning in Mayretta. That just isn't right. I thought I saw the Big Chicken shedding on the way to work this morning.

Simon, I got out with the top down this weekend! Of course, it is a little warm at mid day but the rest of the time, it's about perfect. Actually, on New Year's day, I threw a sweatshirt in the TR6 and took a cruise up the coast to the next little town--I never did even get the sweatshirt on! High today was around 80, which is a bit too warm for this time of year. John
JL Bryan

Now look what you started....seems this happens every year around this time on this BBS. Snow falling as I about 4"s so far...time to get the snow blower out so I can clear the drive and the lawn a little so as to practice my chip shot. Will definitely need the florescent ball today.

Bill, it is time for a get together of the Ontario contingent.....maybe if we all huddle together beside the heater in your shop, we can keep warm.

Gotta go...forgot to feed the dog sled team and the southern wall needs repair from all that heat last week.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Whenever I read how cold is up north, have mixed emotions...right now is 81F here in The Shinning Star of the Caribbean...wish sometimes to have a "winter" and have time for maintenance. My 1971 TR6 is grounded...the lower right suspension bracket came off the chassis...!!!ordered the same from Moss. By the way, any ideas as to how tackle that job? Have a Mig Welder on hand. Will alignment suffer?
Well, today 6 of january is a big holiday..The Three Kings Day...May the Three Wise Men bring all of you happinnes and all the goodies for your TR...!!!

Angel L. Traverso
1971 TR6
Puerto Rico
Angel L. Traverso

Yes Rick, I do keep insurance on all year, and it's not mileage limited or restricted to certain types of driving. It costs a bit more but not much, and allows me to go to Home Depot in January!

We are paying for it today though with the cold and high winds back. I suppose its time to get the axle stands out for some maintenance!
Simon Rasmussen

Took the little car for a blast along the Niagara Escarpment good twisties with just the right mix of straights to get the carbon out. All told did about 100 miles of spirited driving and was exhausted needed a pint or two upon return home. Great day! All January's s/b so kind.
B.R. Horne

After two months of rain, it suddenly stopped and became glorious. Felt bad for all the Christmas tourists though. For the last few days has been drive drive drive,to catch up - got the fleece out for full moon,starry and cold (50's,at sea level and a lot colder up the 'hill'(like freezing) , upper 70's in the day. Geese turned around and came back. Whoever can, get your cars out and wail. Peter G
Peter Gooch

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