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Triumph TR6 - FLYWHEEL

HI EVERYONE. Just got a used tr250 flywheel. I want to get it machined and lightened but I would like to make sure that it correct for my engine. My engine is cc507301 which I think is a 1970 vintage. I understand that later cars had a different flywheel. i was told that a tr250 flywheel fits an eairlier engine. Can anyone confirm this.


Lionel - Go to the top of any page and click on the very small word "search" way over at the right hand side. Then type in "lightening flywheel advice" and tick off "all these words" to get a lot of answers you need in the archives.

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

Odds are that your engine is too late to use an early flywheel. The TR250 and the 1969 TR6 used a different crankshaft and flywheel than the later cars. The engine number that you posted has one too many digits (should be 2 letters, 5 digits) to say for sure, but even then it looks to be too high an engine number to have the early crank. Now if you can get the TR250 crank to go with the flywheel, you can use them together in a later engine or use the later crank and flywheel together in an early engine. Key is having a flywheel that matches the crank.

It sounds like I may have waisted my money. However, is there a site or book I can go to find out for sure if the tr250 flywheel will work?


TRF parts book Blue. Moss parts book. Ask here first. Don't know of any sight that has info on an adaption or mod..

There are enough ruined blocks out there a flywheel used for yours oughta run $20 bucks. Now that 250 is getting rare so don't throw away.

Bill Brayford

FYI, the core charge alone for a TR6 flywheel is 50$, plus shipping. I got a beautifully machined (lightened) and balanced flywheel from Performance Research Industries. I still have the core as the shipping was as much as it's value (from here). If you can't find one, I do have one. Peter G
Peter G

The early Tr6 crankshaft has a longer end on it. The flywheel makes up for that long end by being somewhat dished on the crank side. This would make the clutch sit in the same position realtive to the transmission. The early flywheel probably won't fit the later motor beacuse it'll hit the rear engine plate. The later flywheel might fit the earlier crank, but I'd be careful as this might make the clutch to close to the transmission. Don't forget the pilot bearing and make sure you put the right one in for the crankshaft.
Charly Mitchel

Thanks for all the thoughts and info. My problem is that no one seems to know if the tr250 will fit my cc50703E TR6 engine. Many seem to think it will work some think it wont. I would like to send it out to the machine shop, but I cant until I know for sure. I have already put out a good buck for the flywheel. I dont want to throw any more away.
Is there some where I can go to check this out for sure. I have read all the manuals and the moss parts book. Infact it was the only hint I got. It said that engines after cc5000 had a different flywheel, but doesnt show the difference and does not talk about the flywheel for a tr250.
I remain at square one.

confused, Lionel

Call any specialty machine shop that does this. Have your engine # ready. There is usually a manufacturers number on the wheel get that as well. They can tell you if it will work or not. Manuals. You have only the sellers description as to what it is off of?

As far as the value of a part goes I can usually buy the part I want cheaper as an assembly or whole vehicle. Part out the rest and make some money.

$50.00 core means a used part value of $10.00. Used Flywheel? Can you spot that crack starting under the ring gear? As soon as a fellow starts taking it apart he is looking for diamonds and every greasy old part cleaned up just became a high performance one!

Sit around any Rod club late on a saturday and watch the guys eyes light up when the dude in the dockers walks in looking for a part for his classic car. Same as the one he saw sitting outside. $$$$$$ bingo beer in the cooler for a month.

If you want a small part off an engine look for a scrap block intact private with same range of #s. Average guy and "wife" wants it out of the way. $50.00 bucks if not free.

Sorry but thats reality.

Bill Brayford

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