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Triumph TR6 - Frame

I'm in need of a frame for my '69 TR. I'm about to start a search but a question came up. Were all frames created equal, 69-76? If there is a difference, what would conversion to 1969 involve?

Hi, 1st I don't think there is a diference in the frames on our cars, but someone will/should/can correct me if I am wrong. Maybe only some brake/fuel line mounting points. 2nd if you need a frame there is one on EBay today it is listed as a late model it looks good enough to serve a buffet on. Do a parts search for frame/TR6 it is currently $610.00.
Regards, Keith

Hi Guys

I took a look at that.

First if it is so good why is he not using it.

Notice the cruciform plates have been patched not replaced. There seems to be a lot of "patching" rather than replaced in normal rust area's? If you patch over rusted junk steel you still have junk.

I would not touch a frame unlessI could check for alignment first.

My opinion
Bill Brayford

There are diferences in the frame over the span 69 to 76 model years.

At some point there were gussets added to the front suspension mounts, this would not affect suitablity of a frame for your project.
At the introduction of the "J" type Overdrive ('73), the mount at the rear of the transmision was changed. It is possible to weld in the appropriate mount for your trans, but it may be easier to locate the corect one already on the frame.

Good luck,


I personally would not buy a frame without having the opportunity to do as Bill says (alignment). There are too many weak spots in our frames that can be " patched over". When u do find one, make sure the attachment points for the dif. have been reinforced. I am under the car doing that now. I agree with Mark on the J type OD. That is the only difference I can think of.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Correct me if I am wrong but I understand that later frames had further reinforcing for the lower wishbone mounts.

Yes you are correct. Mark mentioned them and was early in the TR life. For sure done in '71. It is too bad they did not start do a reinforcement to the dif mount early also.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Thanks for all the information. Don't really have a plan yet but at least I know what I need now. thanks again!

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