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Triumph TR6 - Frame gussets

I am well into frame repairs on my '76 and am wondering if anyone out there has ever gussetted the inside area of the "T-shirt" plates? I removed the lower one and fabricated a stiffer replacement and thought I might add some half moon gussets to the inner front and back opennings before I replace the crusiform. Of course room would be left for the exhaust pipes. Any thoughts on this?
Rob Gibbs

Good question! My lower T was shot through with rust so I tore it off. I am currently fabricating a plate to weld back on. I have serious concerns about the rest of the frame even though I have already replaced the swing arm sections for the rear suspension.

Hi Bryn, I think I have cut out all of the rust. Funny thing was it really didn't look bad til I removed the lower t-shirt and found almost nothing left of the lower portions of the frame rails!!!! Considering that this holds the car together it maybe worth a close inspection by anyone with a moderate to well used 6. Mine showed no rust and only the slightest bulging at one of the overlaps. Inspect this area closely.... even drill a few holes to ensure its integrity!

I fabricated two swing arm sections with the internal anti crush spacers from 16g MS . Most parts are to be/have been plug welded and ground off flush except edge welded parts.... welds are left as original: tghe idea is to stiffen the rear chasis without altering its stock appearance. The t-shirt was plasma cut from a CADD file complete with slots so I could weld on solid strips of 1/4 x1 from the back giving it the pressed appearance.

I think I will go ahead with the gussets ... I am sure that they will stiffen the chassis and I already have them made... plasma cut in 10g ms . They shouldn't interfere with the exhaust and are only going to be noticed by the most observant..... and who would want to put their nose that close to my rearend anyways? :0)

Cheers, Rob
Rob Gibbs

Hey, Rob!
There was an article about this in Grassroots Motorsport about 3 years ago, with quite a few photos of the frame, (it was a solid axle TR4, but many of the ideas they offered would apply), and the expert they consulted was Ken Gilanders of British Frame and Engine, so a well-known authority.
It might be worth trying to get a copy, but basically his idea was to triangulate the points were the rails joined. For irs cars another point to reinforce is the diff mounts, while you've got the weder turned on.

Chris Trace, who is a regular on this board, did a very thorough job on his frame to stiffen it against the torque of a 302, but it is rather visible from underneath, strong though!
Simon Rasmussen

Thanks for the lead Simon!

Gussets are now welded in ... hope to get the new swing arms and T shirt tacked in this weekend. I will do a little tracking re.Ken Gilanders of British Frame and Engine. As my car is a '76 the diff mounts are reinforced already but i may build them up a little more still.

Cheers, Rob
Rob Gibbs

This thread was discussed between 31/05/2005 and 02/06/2005

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