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Triumph TR6 - Frances headed to Florida

We dodged Charley without a problem, but it looks like Frances is going to at least cause us some very nasty weather here in Florida. The center of the current possible tracks, according to noaa, puts it coming ashore about 40 miles north of where I live. If you watch the news, when and if it hits, Jupiter Inlet is about where we live--landfall within 40 or 50 miles of there will get us to some degree. It may still veer north, but nobody knows.

Say a prayer for everyone on the east coast of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina! The TR6 is as safe as I can get it, put up in a garage with a hurricane proof garage door and soon to be shuttered windows.

JL Bryan


My dad is in Boynton Beach. I spoke with him today and he's under the impression he can simply stay in an interior room and he'll be fine. We've all seen the pictures of Charley and remember Andrew vividly. I'm hoping to talk some sense into him in the next day or so. He's two miles from the beach, so the flooding shouldn't be an issue. Wind on the other hand... We're praying for everyone on the east coast.

I've been to Jupiter, It's a wonderful place. I just hope it stays that way this weekend. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your six.

I'm wondering if you'll be leaving for the storm. I was in Homestead shortly after Andrew and can't imagine what it was like to be there during the storm.

Make sure you backup you computer and put the backup and other important papers in a safe place. It the car is watertight (not the TR6) maybe that would work.

Please keep us posted of your storm progress both before and after.

FYI - my company closed out offices in Boynton Beach and Miami Lakes for the storm. We're in the insurance business (Chubb) and don't mess around with things like this.

Good luck and hope to hear from you soon,

Don from Jersey
D Hasara

Ahh, the memories. I had an aunt & uncle that owned a motel in Boynton - always cooked pancakes for me when we were there.

Lived in The Village of North Palm Beach for a year or so. Several families would go to Jupiter for breakfast on occasion. I was just a kid then - have vivid memories of big rocks on the shore, popping man-o-wars with sticks, and a 10' tiger shark that was washed up... Hunker down, and best of luck to you!

Brent B

Will be in Orlando The week starting the 8th. I hope everything is still there when we get there.
Don K.


I arrived on Tampa airport using airport transfers tunbridge wells in the aftermath of Andrew, years ago, the Sunshine State looked a bit bleak that day, not a pretty sight !

Hope you and your family will be safe !!!


Be safe John.

Jim Deatsch

I hope you weather the storm with not damage.

FYI - I own property in Port Charlotte, but "luckily"? it is undeveloped, so all I lost were palm trees, etc. I ususally go down to see it in December. Hopefully, I won't have debris to clean up.

Take Care. (Hurricane Party?)
Bob Blair

Don, your uncle should be safe in Boynton. The latest noaa forecasts have the hurricane coming ashore around Ft. Pierce, which is good for us and bad for them. Obviously, it can go almost anywhere, but if your uncle has shutters, he should be fine.

We spent the day putting hurricane shutters up and my back is killing me! The 5:00 AM advisory this morning had the thing coming right at us, but now they say there is a good probabability it will hit about 50 miles north of here or even more. Thanks for the prayers and really pray for all the people that end up in the direct path without some kind of protection!

Bob, I think they frown on hurricane parties. We used to do that in college, but they now have an 8:00 PM Friday night curfew imposed and no liquor sales after some time tomorrow afternoon. The storm is supposed to hit early Saturday morning. Fortunately, we are well stocked, and if things get too bad, I will hoist a few toasts to Frances! So long as it doesn't mess us up too bad.

JL Bryan


Thanks for replying. My dad has done nothing except move the irreplacable items to a safer place in the house (is there one?). No shutters - not even tape! This should be interesting... If he makes it through the storm sitting in the bathtub, he'll be fine. He's heavily insured and the place needed paint anyway.

My dad is the guy who got me into LBCs when he had his TR7. It was a 1981 fuel injected convertable - maroon with tan int (none of that plaid crap). Not too may FIs were made. Was probably the best TR7 year. I don't think he knew what he had when he sold it.

In any event, he and the Mercedes are hunkering down for a good ride. Weather Channel has Saturday morning's winds in Boynton of the the northwest at 101MPH. Houses aren't supposed to move that fast are they?

Don from less breezy Jersey
D Hasara

Don, your uncle is looking better and better. The storm has dropped to a category 2, with wind speeds at about 105 mpg as of around 10:00 PM Friday night. It is headed a good bit north of Boynton, so unless it takes a dramatic turn to the left, he won't have a problem!

JL Bryan

Hey John,

My prayers are with you guys. Been watching.

Might not give you such a hard time when you whine about the weather for awhile. Jack frost as a rule is mostly pretty safe once you get used to him..:)

Take Care!
Bill Brayford

Spoke with dad tonight. All his palms are gone, but no damage to the house. He got lucky this time. He promised to get out for the next hurricane - not because of the danger, only because he got bored with no electricity. He didn't factor in there'd be no A/C in the deal either.

The storm went north of West Palm, so I dread to think what has happened in Johns neck of the woods in Jupiter.

Ivan is lurking...

Don from Jersey with Dad in Boynton...
D Hasara

Based on locations, John and family were in for a rough one. Here's to hoping we hear from him soon. In the case of my parents, they were wary as Frances headed toward the gulf coast (a.k.a. the Redneck Riviera) of Florida. Fortunately for them, it hit land well east and their place should be OK. They are in Houston with my sister while she is undergoing some treatment at M.D. Anderson. Just what they needed, more stress in their lifes. But as previously said, things should be relatively OK in Destin. I expect that I will get a damage report from one of their neighbors later today and determine if I need to make a trip down there.

Now, we are in the remnants of Frances. Very windy for around here, lots of rain still in the system. They are predicting that we are in for anywhere from 4 to 12" of rain, depending on who you believe. I did notice some localized flooding of roadways on my way to work this morning, had to take an alternate route. Not good, but pales in comparison to what happened in Florida.

Hope you guys are all OK, I'll never complain about the British weather again!
R. Algie

Spoke with Dad tonight. His power came on today. He went shopping at Publix Supermarket yesterday by flashlight.

From what he tells me, John's neck of the woods (Jupiter) got hit pretty hard. I hope he's okay. It may be a week before power comes back everywhere. I've got my fingers crossed that he and his Six are well.

-Don from Jersey
D Hasara


Hope you weathered the storm(s)without incident. Hope Ivan is as toothless as the Russian bear too. Jeez, we complain about a little wind & rain around here and long cold winters - gotta get over that! Not gonna complain about our Canadian weather anymore right Bill? Be safe - hope the "6" makes it too.

A.R. Evans

Yeah if were in the North we have the cold but thats sort of a get used to it.

Bob in Newfoundland gets some pretty serious wind and cold mix. Mind you if he goes out for a pint the house is still on the same lot when he comes back. As a rule?

It's been a bad weather year all around Ron over here. We realy haven't had a summer and now were going back to the winter.

Steve sorry to hear. Your kind of getting hit from all angles!

Man lets hope things settle down for awhile.


Bill Brayford

Thanks for the prayers and concerns! We made it through the storm without any major issues. The center came ashore about 20 miles north of our house, and although I haven't personally seen anything, a couple of people have told me that the winds were reported at 115 mph in our area when the backside of the eyewall went through. Trees are down everywhere and power is still out in many places--we got power last night, but no cable or internet. My office got some water damage and we've discovered some nasty mold there, under wallpaper.

The TR6 didn't get touched! It weathered the storm in the garage, under its car cover.

Hurricanes are pretty brutal, but this was the 1st one I've been through for more than 20 years, so I guess I can't complain. There were virtually no deaths, just a lot of property damage and major problems with electricity, which are still going on. I guess losing power would be worse in a blizzard, but my Indiana raised wife wasn't very happy about trying to sleep for 4 nights without any ac in a closed up house in this part of the world--95% humidity and probably 85 degrees!

Thanks again for all the concern. John
JL Bryan


Great news all 'round. Family, castle and trusty steed all okay! Spent a couple really "windy" days on Siesta Key in Sarasota when I hitch hiked to Fla in the mid-'70's (September)but nothing serious like you guys got. Yes Bill it does get a tad windy up here; could blow the horns off a goat some days so needless to say I don't own goats. Is a GTO a goat too? Don't have one of those either. Went out for a pint one night and the house wasn't on the lot when I got back but it must've been more than one pint 'cause it turns out it wasn't my lot I was looking for my house on. Well, at least I wasn't driving.

A.R. Evans

Good news, no need to head to Destin and it stopped raining today. We did not lose power, but many in the area did, including mother in law. Another reason why I love the underground utilities in our neighborhood. Lots of trees down, for us it was limbs only, all trees still in place. The worst of it for us was getting knocked offline yesterday evening and did not get things back until this afternoon, the voice part of the line worked fine but the data part was so noisy that we could not hook up. I haven't heard any final rain totals for the area, but feel rather confident in saying that we did not get any where near the 12" of rain as some forecasters had predicted. Four would not surprise me and I would not be shocked to find some localized areas with six. All in all, rather unscathed even when compared to other locals.

Now, which way was Ivan headed?

Hey Steve, Ivan may be coming your way now! The forecasts have it coming ashore somewhere on the west coast of Florida and pretty much heading due north after that.

Our house has power, but about 2/3's of the people at my office have been without power for a whole week now. No AC, no lights, etc. 2.5 million households lost power in Florida, at least for some period of time.

The Bahamas are even more devasted than Florida, probably because of the lack of building codes. If anyone wants to contribute to helping the people in Florida or the Bahamas, one great organization is through the Lutheran Church-100% of the donations goes to the people who need it and none of it goes to administer the program. The address is:

ELCA Domestic Disaster Response
PO Box 7164
Chicago, Il 60694-1764

ELCA stands for Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. If you want to help the people in the Bahamas, just put a note on the memo line to that effect. Be sure to at least put something on there about Hurricane Relief if you decide to do something.

Thanks to all, John.
JL Bryan

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