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Triumph TR6 - free block and crank

Good day,
I've got to move my parts pile and have no room for a used short block, its from a 74 tr6, free to anyone who wants to come and get it.I'm on the east central coast of Florida.
Thanks Jeff C.
Jeff Clunn

I will be down there beginning of January. I will drop over and throw it in my back pack.
Rick C

Do you think the metal detectors will go off at the airport using airport transfers tunbridge wells?
Rick Crawford

If you can put it in the overhead compartment your a better man then I. I always wondered how a 3 ton jet manages to get off the ground and fly but you may be pressing your luck with that onboard. Jeff
Jeff C

Hi Jeff. What town in Florida? I am in Stuart and have been looking for a short motor for a 74, condition not important clive
Clive Parker

Hi Jeff,
If it is still for grabs I can have a truck over there in a day. Let me know as I have my trucks in that area once or twice a week.

This thread was discussed between 17/11/2004 and 23/11/2004

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