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Triumph TR6 - Free-Flow exhaust experiences

I just want to share my experiences of differents brand of free-flow exhausts. Some says that it does not improve things and I dont't want to discuss that matter. I own my TR6 for 24 years and it has stock configuration at the beginning. Impression nice sound and a bit restrictive. I switch to Monza Pacesetter, wost choice as being noisy and didn't last 2 years for the 2 rear big main resonnators, I adapted 2 Thrush to extend the life. The next step was ANSA, extremly reliable, but with years and becomming older, it was a bit to loud. I still think it is good quality. And finally I installed last W.E. Stebro, it is all stainless steel and a very easy fit and a sond very mellow tone but with no restriction of exhaust. I just have to buy manifold bolt on double pipes (Falcon) from TRF and thats it. It was also difficult to found SS collar, but it is all SS. Wish this could help.

Stedro is at

I know that they are somewhere in Canada (Ontario) and could provide systems for most British cars. But I imagine it will be a bit expensive, like all SS systems. It was when I bought it many years ago.
Cheers, J.G.Catford

This thread was discussed on 05/06/2000

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