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Triumph TR6 - front and rear springs suspension

I'm doing a complete restauration of a 1969 tr6. It has been in bits and pieces for quite a while. Right now I'm trying to put back together the puzzle of nice new and shiny bits. There is one problem. There is a difference in length/height of the springs for the suspension and I can't figure out which ones go in the back or the front. Please help me out and tell me if the short ones go in the back or not!

Thanks in advance!


Jos Wetters

Check your springs for a dash of color. Look for a dab of paint. This may require some cleaning. The springs with a dab of blue and green go on the front. The spring with just green go on the rear. Good luck. Steve
Steve Crosby

Rear is longer. Front free length is 10.3" rear is 10.90".

If your reuasing springs you may find they are a bit shorter due to sag. Front is usually worse due to engine weight. If they are too far off you might want to replace.
Bill Brayford

Thanks! I'll put them on tomorrow! I'll measure them first. I think were replaced somewhere along the 35 years. They looked pretty 'new' when I took them off. I had them sandblasted and powdercoated by this little springfactory. The final test will be when everything is in place!


Jos Wetters

This thread was discussed on 19/03/2004

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