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Triumph TR6 - Front End? Can amateurs redo?

I think I might have posted on this in past so bear with me. The last section of my 76 (other than some chrome) that I'd like to freshen up is the front end. Brakes, wheel bearings, shocks all new but the other mechanicals and bushings... I'm not so sure.

I need a confidence boost. Can an ordinary schmuck like me tear the front end down and rebuild with fresh parts? I asked BPNW to quote on a complete kit of all obvious wear parts and the number was about $225. That seemed reasonable to me so I'm tempted to order.

As I go, I can take pictures, make notes, etc. but before I jump in (will place order after Christmas) I'm checking in with you guys who've been there, done that.


PS Any special tools required? I have a coil spring compressor.
Ken Shaddock

You can do it...I just did my bearings, rotors, shocks up is tie rods, bushes, balljoints, trunions...I'm just a schmuck...ask anyone.

If you look on page 2 of the latest VB catalouge there are some pretty good prices on front end parts right now.
JT White


You can do it. And you should do it if you enjoy working on cars as much as driving them. It is a great part of the experience.

With a spring compressor - it is straight forward. Just be prepared that the trunnions can be a devil of a thing to take apart if it hasn't been done before. They get pretty corroded.

A wheel alignment will need to be done particularly if you disconnect the wishbone and replace the tie rods. A ball joint splitter will also be of use if you replace the ball joints. (I have if you wish to borrow but I believe Canadian Tire offers rental of these as well.)

Good luck. And have fun. I attach a picture of one of mine out of the car if it helps you make a decision. It was like -25 celcius the day I was working on this one. And I think I used a whole can of spray on lube. I powder coated all the components while I had them off.

Michael Petryschuk

Here is an after picture when I was done. I used never seize on the bolts.

Michael Petryschuk

Same side from behind.

Michael Petryschuk

JT & Mike... many thanks for the vote of confidence and suggestions. I don't think I've ever ordered from Vicky Brit but will take a look JT and compare.

You do nice work Michael. I had also seen some of the frame challenges you had. You have balls and patience my friend!

BTW, I'm not expecting much in the way of corrosion since this car was diassembled, restored and reassembled in 2005/2006 but I do expect to find worn bushes and other parts that should have been replaced back then. I've talked about the chap I bought this car from before in this forum. He was running out of time and money after engine, tranny, carbs, frame and tub work and cut corners on reassembly of some mechanicals. When I did the rear suspension make over to tube shocks and my TA's I found well worn bushes and boots.
Ken Shaddock


When I bought my 6 ,as you know, it was in boxes. My front end had not been assembled...the back A arm was on. I built a spring compressor and rebuilt it from scratch. Granted, I did not take it apart and the body was off. This made it a lot easier. BUT You can do it. It is an easy-early"" spring project and worth the effort. After all, this is the suspension and control of the front end.

MAN! it was not that long ago....was it.

Rick Crawford

BPNW has suggested the following list of parts re the rebuild. Not sure I need the trunnions. Will I only know that after disassembly? Anything missing before I order? Appreciate your looking this over. Thank you.


A-Arm Bushing Set Poly Lower TR4A-6
A-Arm Bushing Set Poly Upper TR3-TR6
Ball Joint Upper TR4A-TR6
Rack Mount Set Poly TR6 Spitfire
Steering Rack Boot Kit TR4-TR6, Spit, GT6
Sway Bar Bushing Set Poly TR6
Trunion Rebuild Kit TR4A-TR6
Tie Rod End TR4-TR6
Trunnion Seal TR4-TR6
Trunnion TR4A-TR6 (Side:Right 142377)
Trunnion TR4A-TR6 (Side:Left 142378)
Spring Pad Set Poly Front TR4A-TR6
Ken Shaddock


A good single malt and Tylenol should complete the list :>).

Good luck,
Bob Evans

Would cold beer and good tunes be okay?
Ken Shaddock

How about good beer and cool tunes?
Brent B

Nuthing, but nuthing takes the place of a good single Malt, or any single malt for that matter good or no. Course, I've never had any not good ones.
Doug Baker

How many would it take to develop a taste for a good single malt... 3, 4, more? Rocks or neat? Crown Royal on the rocks works for me.

Brent... some Delta blues would be good.
Ken Shaddock

Ye either have it or na. If truly interested, I'd recommend starting with a good Speyside such as Glenlivet (a truly wonderful malt) or maybe go a bit further afield to a Glenrothes or really reward yourself and have a Macallan, always finished in an ex-sherry cask. If peaty, smokey's your bent, try Talisker or one of the more heavily peated Ilay malts, Laphroaig, Bunnahabain, Lagavulan or go all the way to Ardbeg, said to have, on occasion, up to 51 ppm peatiness!! (Read Phenols).

And how you take it is your choice. Many add a bit of plain spring water, not spritzy or fizzy and never over ice. Most of us prefer the natural flavors that neat offers, but professional tasters cut the ABV to 20% or less to more fully release the congeners and other volatiles that are bound at higher ABV or w/o H2O. Ask Rod Nichols about Macallan!! Now you've had your Single Malt 101!! Enjoy.
Doug Baker

Ken, stick to the Whiskey /Bourbon side. Easier on the wallet

Enough of this single malt stuff....

Yes Ken you want new trunions and the rebuild kit that you mention for them.
"Spring Pad Set Poly Front TR4A-TR6"
This means you have to remove the springs. You may as well since you are doing the trunions and the rebuild kit. Remember Trunions are oiled not grease.
What are the shocks like? If not new on the rebuild then may as well go for them. I would also consider new wheel bearings. They are not expensive and you are already there.
The rack boot kit....only if yours are in bad shape. The ball joints in the rack are more important.

A good time to do some painting a sprucing up.

Rick Crawford

Hey Rick... you came through once again. May the wind be at your back, always. I was hoping to have all I needed before I start so there's no delay waiting for a part I forgot.

Appreciate the tip re oil v grease (trunion). The shocks were new in 08 (just before I drove it home) so they have about 4000 miles on them. New wheel bearings too. Should I consider replacing the shocks with a high-end quality shock? I'm guessing what I have are 'middle of the road'. However, I don't want a hard cornering race-ride model.

Oh, and yes, spit and polish inside out and backwards!

Thank you VERY much sir!
Ken Shaddock

Ken, PC everything when you take it apart

Ken Shaddock

Powder Coat?

Should not need it Don... everything blasted to bare metal in 06 and epoxy primed and painted.
Ken Shaddock

Then never mind.

Wait a cotton pickin minute. If everything was done in 06 why are you redoing it?

I used the wrong word Don... my "everything" was referring to body and frame plus dash & interior.

The restoration in 06 (other than a rebuilt engine, gearbox, OD, & carbs) was primarily a non mechanical restoration. For example, suspension and linkage parts that, in the opinion of the guy doing the restoration were satisfactory, went back on the car. I only found this out by taking things apart myself... like when I switched from oil dampers to tube shocks I found old bushes on the TA's, the spring pads were original and the half shaft boots, etc. Annoying as hell not to mention unbelievably dumb since the car completely disassembled.

I'm over the anger and frustration of the guy's lousy work ethic and have indeed been enjoying a beautiful body-off-frame restored car but I continue to pick away at areas needing improvement.

I know, a windy reply.
Ken Shaddock

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