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Triumph TR6 - Front End Shims

Can anyone shed some light on the function of the alignment shims on the front end lower arm brackets? I'm in the middle of re-building the front end with all new bushings, springs, etc. and have noticed that on the driver's side I have 2 shims on the front lower arm bracket and four on the rear lower arm bracket. The four seems a bit excessive. The passenger side had one and two. Would it make sense to remove the same number of shims from each bracket, say one and three or none and two?

Dan A

No! The welded frame is less than accurate, the shims are there to correct errors. Hope the PO, or DPO, did'nt mess w/ anything. If you get a sense that this has not been apart before, put 'em back exactly as found. Peter
Peter Gooch

Dan, These shims ae used to align the front end of the car. Used mostly for Camber and Caster adjustments on our cars. No frame and suspension compnent is perfect and the cars require minor front end adjustments from time to time. So, in you case put the shims back in where you found them and then bring the car to an alignment shop that has the ability to do the TR's. Moset older shops still have the specs for these cars. What I like to use is 0 degrees on Camber, 2.5 degrees Caster and 1/16" toe in.

Steve Yott
Steve Yott

Thanks guys. I was going to bring it to an alignment shop when completed. I will install everything as it came apart.

Dan A

Dan ,
I promise you even with the shims put back in exactly
the same place as you found them, with new springs
and bushings you are in for a harry drive to the
alignment shop. Make sure the aignment shop is your
first destination and take it slow. It will be a bit
twitchy a high speed.But the trip back home will be a
lot of fun.
Christopher Trace

If you have a friend with a car trailer borrow it and take it that way. Better be safe than sorry. It is amazing how fast you can destroy a set of tyres.
Don K.

This thread was discussed between 05/05/2003 and 09/05/2003

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