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Triumph TR6 - Front rnd Rebuild

What have I done wrong? I just rebuilt the front end on 70 tr6. Replaced all bushings, springs(stiffer),& shocks with parts from Goodparts. I have everything put back together & the spindles do not turn. The car is all apart just a bare frame sitting on jack stands.
Shouldn't they turn?
JKB barstow

The spindles will be difficult to turn after a rebuild, but not impossible. Try loading the suspension with the wheels on the ground--that should get them turning.
Rick Orthen

I would agree with Rick. I rebuilt one last winter on a bare frame and barely noticed the difference from the old to the new. I assume you oiled the trunnion properly and that the ball joints are new and were free to move?

Does your car have the eccentric turning stop or the round one. If eccentric is it turned so that the vertical link cannot move?

Is there a new bolt run up hard against something?

Even with the engine/tranny in place you should still be able to turn the wheels by hand with it fully on the floor.


This thread was discussed on 14/11/2005

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