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Triumph TR6 - Front suspension

Hi, everybody. Ive rebuilt the front suspension in my 73 TR6 ( no wheels, no engine, no body ). Ive put new trunnions, balljoints and stub axle, etc; 90 Oil in the trunnion.I was assembling everything with the help of some manuals and this interesting BBS. But after the job is done, I try to turn by hand the assembly, and feel it quiet stiff ( both sides ).
The questions:
Is it normal ?
Is it going to get better once I mount the engine and with the car standing on the wheels ?

Thanks in advance
C Suarez

Nothing to worry about, mine was like that as well and when the car was completed and on the road the sreering was fine.
R. Algie

after a few hundred miles of driving your new setup
jack up the front and do the same test. It will still be very firm but there will be a kind of silkyness to the movement, that will tell you that the bronze of the trunions has mated into the iron threads.
Jack it back down and enjoy the next 65,000 miles.
Christopher Trace

Thanks friends, itīs my first restoration and sometimes Iīm not sure how the things are going.
You save me time not having to dismount the front again ( with home made spring compressor, new nyloc nuts and so on )
Anyway I think ahead, and I canīt imagine driving the first hundreds miles ( Km. here ), not being too sure that all the pieces, nuts, bolts, etc, will stay in place.
I will be very cautious the first runs.
C Suarez

This thread was discussed between 04/05/2005 and 05/05/2005

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