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Triumph TR6 - Front Suspension question

I rebuilt the front and rear suspension components on my 76 six last summer. All new rubber grommets, new shocks and springs all around. I installed the rear shock conversion (Moss) as part of the process. The car handles great. When I installed new tires this weekend (Goodyear Assurance Triple-Treads, 205/70/15), I noticed that the top of the driver side front tire is about one inch closer to the fender skirt then the passenger side. This causes some rubbing when backing out of the driveway with the wheels turned. I am trying to figure out why the driver's side of the car would be an inch lower given the new springs, etc. I am also wondering if there is any way to raise that side slightly short of inserting a spacer below the spring. If I were to insert a collar below the spring, would this adversely affect handling? If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.

Mark Hauck

This thread was discussed on 10/04/2005

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